Mouse gesture extension conflict

  • Hello,
    I found that vivaldi 1.11.917.39 has overwritten the right drag and drop to select text, which caused all of mouse gesture extension not work.

    Can i disable this feature? i didn't find it in settings.

    PS1: i got a plugin which is compatible with vivaldi. i am trying to contact the author.

  • You can't disable this. And it's been around for quite some time, maybe since 1.9? Can't remember.

  • @luetage I don't know what exactly happened to vivaldi. After updating to 1.11, the mouse gesture stop working. I have tried to reinstall both vivaldi and extenstion, but still not work.

    By the way,
    I have written a post about the horizon drag of vivaldi, which is also conflict with the super drag plugin. I hope there is a setting method to disable the overwrite action. And i have also made a reply in "Feature requests for 1.11", but it seems that this request didn't be adopted.
    Should i made the same post in "Feature requests for 1.12". Because this is a important settings, Because the extension author can not do anything to implement the super drag.


  • Obviously you can repost this request in 1.12. But be aware that the devs seem to have their hands full all the time, the feature request threads don't really hold too much meaning in what is being done next. It's more a place to redirect users to when they really want something. Instead you could file a bugreport, should get more attention from the team, and in fact this could be considered a bug, since Vivaldi prevents you from taking advantage of functionality, which has previously been available to you.

  • @luetage Ok, i got it. I will try these in the same time.

    Thank you very much.


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