Font Antialiasing : font not like other browsers

  • I've search a way to have the font like in opera and firefox (Don't have chrome). You can see the difference in the screenshot. Zoom in and you'll see that both firefox and opera have a sort of colorized antialiasing and that vivaldi is greyscaled. (Check on gamespot). Besides it's for both the page content and the UI
    I've found several topics and enable clearfont on windows (it was enabled I think but need a refresh or something, my first problem was a fuzzy/blured font but that's gone now)

    I've tried to check similarities and differencies in opera://flags and vivaldi://flags but no result.
    Does someone have an idea ? Is it impossible to do ? Are the devs aware of this greyish anti aliasing ?

    (I'm on windows 10, gtx 1080 with 3770k if that helps. I've tried to disable all the possible things in nvidia control panel, such as fxaa, antialiasing,etc...)

    PS : For me the best looking between the three is firefox.

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    The font rendering in Chromium and related browsers is really bad because of DriectWrite technology. But bad news more than a year ago, Chromium deverlopers removed settings to deal with DirectWrite.
    At this this time Vivaldi developers do not have the human power and time to re-implement this. Better font rendering is planned, but i do not know a time line.

    Bug is VB-12782 "Font rendering is not sharp"

  • @Gwen-Dragon That's what every thread said.

    But look at my screenshot. Opera is a chromium based browser and it doesn't have this grey AA.


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