Cannot access pages via the URL bar immediately after the start of Vivaldi

  • When I start Vivaldi, I can open websites only after about a minute via URL bar. Via bookmarks it works in the meantime.

    I deleted history etc...

  • Which security software do you use on Windows?
    Do you have a active IPv6? That may result in slow DNS resolution.
    Do you use extensions?

  • Win10 & Windows Defender. Extensions deactivated. I think IPv6 is active.

    OK, its not a minute, only 20 seconds. For example: I type '' ans press enter ... nothing happens for ~ 20 seconds ....
    I can open webpages via bookmarks during this 20 seconds.

  • Hmm, try to clear History in Ctrl+Shift+Del.

  • IPv6 was not active. The problem seems to be related with Vivaldi.

  • Moderator

    @Meldung55 On some hardware, and especially with certain 3rd party security software (which does not permit Vivaldi to execute until it finishes "inspecting" Vivaldi files EVERY time), Vivaldi under the current architecture does not finish loading, and therefore is not fully operational for a few seconds on first opening. This may be improved in some future builds, and for some cases will be improved immediately by jettisoning the offending security software.

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