Default update settings

  • I have traditionally had Vivaldi check for updates whenever I start it, but after using it more often, I don't need to do this every day.

    So what will Vivaldi do by default? How often does it check for updates, if at all?

    Also--I see an option in the Settings (Updates tab) that says "Notify About Updates." If I check this, does this mean that Vivaldi will check at the default interval, but instead of downloading, it will notify me about the update and let me choose to d/l?

  • Only once every 24 hours. And I don't know even exactly when it does. Infact, I'd prefer it checks for it more often, I always have to check manually 🙂 More user options would be preferred, like every 6 hours and at every restart.

  • Thanks. I think I can manage to wait 24 hours for an update, if it exists, so I think I'll be ok letting Vivaldi take care of itself.


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