Session Manager 2.0 - when?

  • Hello, I've noticed Vivaldi has really unclear session manager, sometimes when I close the browser with many tabs open I want to open the browser next time and see the same tabs, but it's not happening all the time, I tried to lose my open tabs. Is there any way to make it more clear? I don't want to save entire session every time (File - Save Open Tab as Session).

    Maybe there is Session Manager or Tab Manager who can save tabs for sure? Maybe remember them or store current tabs somewhere online? Is there any sync in Vivaldi?

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    No goal yet to create a new Session manager as you would like.
    Did you report a bug or feature request?

    Bugs in session manager will be fixed if known.

    Sync is internally in progress and heavily tested. Could be (my guess, not a timeline) a 1.12 Stable would have Sync.

  • Do you have "Startup with last session" set? Also make sure to have "Continue running background apps when Vivaldi is closed" option turned OFF.

    vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#background apps

  • Ok I see, Sync is in development, I hope it'll save all open tabs in some kind of Timeline.

    It's a not a bug, it's just not easy to understand the logic, in Opera it's works 100% of the time, in Vivaldi it's should work if you follow some concrete rules:

    1. Make sure you have only one window open with your tabs
    2. Close it, wait for 10 sec, open it again - it will open them again

    What can interrupt these two simple rules?

    1. If you have restarted while the browser was open - it can open tabs, but not all the time, sometimes.
    2. If you accidentally click on link in your Mail app, it will open Vivaldi again and you lose the session you wanted to recover, unlike Opera where tab appending to the all opened tabs.
    3. Vivaldi always in memory, any movements around unloading Vivaldi or running it again from the link or shortcut may interrupt current session and Vivaldi opens an empty page.

    I'm losing tabs in 50% of the time, every day I lose my tabs, technically I'm losing 50% of the info, it's super hard to describe exactly when and why I losing it. This is why I created a topic here for Session Manager.


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