Hey Vivaldi Team your new icon is kinda crap

  • Please don't customize the browser in unnecessary places. thank you

  • @innn On the basis of your balanced reasonable courteous feedback, Jon has now fired all the Devs, & decided to enter the customised raffia basket weaving business instead of persisting in IT. Thank goodness you intervened, & thus saved the world from such digital horrors. I imagine your mum's proud.

  • LOL Steffie #1

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    @Steffie It's a good job he did, too - because he's only been in IT for 25 years and made a fair pile at it with multiple successful companies, so he obviously has no CLUE what he's doing.

  • It was really necessary? LOL

  • Much though I appreciate Steffie's response, I kinda get where this is coming from. I'm still sitting at 1.9 because the whole post-1.10 browser is broken for pen systems, and yet the new logo gets top (almost) billing in the release splash. I know, I know - not the same skill sets. But I'd be perfectly happy with the old logo in a new browser...

  • People, always remember that beggars can't be choosers. Nobody in here is paying a dime for Vivaldi. Unless you are willing to pay Jon a couple of extra coders to fix your pet bugs, we have to wait their priority queue.

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    @aach1 From the developer's view, a new logo (while it does not get "top priority") is essentially zero effort. And if a majority of users like it, then big return for negligible time spent.

    On the other hand, tablets and pen systems are a teeny teeny tiny share of the users who are able to download and run Vivaldi, and for those users, whose experience is being broken by Chromium changes outside of developer control, literally months of coding could be consumed trying to resolve their issues, and that on hardware which the developers do not own and cannot test on. Are you beginning to catch my drift? You guys are not being ignored but, due to the economics of the situation and the need to rapidly expand Vivaldi's user base into the markets where penetration is the most effort-efficient, (so that hopefully before too many years go by it can begin to pay for itself) then a vast untapped market of potential users who can download and use Vivaldi without months of special coding attention are getting the first bite at the apple.

    Make no mistake. Vivaldi DOES care about you guys and will divert resources to your issues as soon as it can spare them. Unfortunately, no ETA on that. Sincerely sorry not everyone can be served at once.

  • @Ayespy This is absolutely the first time I have seen any confirmation that the breakage of Vivaldi on Surface Pro 4 is due to Chromium changes outwith the control of the developers. And this is not for want of enquiring. Do you, in turn, get my drift? This is why I've been asking for more transparency into what is being worked on.

    On to this: Tablets (or more specifically, touch/pen-enabled devices) are going to explode in the coming year or two and to downplay their importance is probably a strategic mistake. Anyone buying a surface right now and coming in to have a look at Vivaldi will find a browser which doesn't work. They may not find forum mentions of version 1.9. They will quite possibly never come back.

  • @iAN-CooG Understood, of course. There's something in it for Vivaldi that I (and others on pen systems) use the browser, i hope. And if you want total silence rather than useful bug reports, ok. All I would like in return is some visibility into what is being worked on; doesn't have to be much. Ayespy's response is the very first indication of exactly what is wrong (Chromium) and it comes in response to a comment about logos, not in response to one about pen systems still not working. Sure it's a pet bug and (now) I know it's about Chromium. It's taken a fair bit of prodding to get that much. Now I know, I'll continue to test each new release because I recognize that it's not up to the Vivaldi developers to fix chromium bugs.

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    @aach1 said in Hey Vivaldi Team your new icon is kinda crap:

    ...it's not up to the Vivaldi developers to fix chromium bugs.

    That said, they can, and do, patch them. That's what's going on with media right now. A developer is spending perhaps 50 hours each week diagnosing and patching stuff that mostly Chromium broke for Vivaldi, so that media can play in this browser.

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    @aach1 Please reporting bugs is important, especially on different touch devices. And if a bug is already known and we got enough information, we tell you that you need not to report more.
    It is better to have duplicate bugreports and see which bugs are important for Vivaldi users. We want users telling us what is wrong, so we can fix and enhance the features.

  • @Gwen-Dragon yep, thanks and I'll carry on filing details on this (not the logo, the pen bug!) until asked to stop.

  • @Ayespy PS - I certainly am not saying that Vivaldi doesn't care about us. I appreciate all the work and I am pretty evangelical about the browser among my colleagues. All I'd like is a bit more of a sight into what's being done. It shouldn't take you getting exasperated at an admittedly snarky comment about logos and priorities (sorry) to reveal that the pen bug is in Chromium (I was assuming it was, but didn't know; now that I know I'll post to that effect in the relevant thread).

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    !!! Discussions about the logo and why it changes please at


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