How do I save a site password when I have previously refused to save it?

  • Hi,

    I would like to save the password for a site for which I selected not to save the password in the past.

    How can I force Vivaldi to ask me to save the password again for the site?


  • It's easy. Go for "chrome://settings/advanced" at adress bar and search for a field called "Passwords and forms". and click at "manage passwords". the sites that you refused to save passwords are in the end of this page. just select the site you wish to save your password and unlock him. 🙂

  • Hi,

    this is what I have already tried, but I don't se the host in the list which is an IP on the local network.


  • Moderator

    If your domain is not in the list of "Never Save" you should look in upper list "Saved Passwords". Delete it in the lists and you will be asked once more.

    If you have a page which uses Basic Auth login popup (two field for username and password) you need to restart Vivaldi or clear cache.


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