Version Confusion

  • I just updated my file through MacUpdate and I am now evidently on version 1.11.917.39, but the most recent snapshot is listed as 1.11.917.35. How is it that a later version # is downloadable through MacUpdate but a lower version # is the one available on Thanks!

  • You shouldn't update through macupdate. Click on Vivaldi in the menubar and on "check for update" instead.

  • .35 is the last snapshot (1.11 rc2), .39 is the stable release. If you only have the snapshot installed, the update only says it's the last (snapshot) available. Snapshot release don't see the stable channel and stable don't see the snapshot channel.

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    @AMutavdzija The first day or few after the Stable updates, the Snapshot version number is always behind it until the next post-stable snapshot. Have pity on me. I have three "latest" version numbers.

  • @luetage I do do that, but was wondering about the number discrepancy.

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