Not working with Magnet or Spectacle and emoji menu doesn't work

  • Vivaldi doesn't seem to work with window manager apps like Magnet or Spectacle. It simply ignores the commands and the commands in the menu are disabled (i.e., greyed out and not clickable). I have also noticed that the macOS emoji menu (Ctrl+Cmd+Space) doesn't work in Vivaldi

  • I just upgraded to High Sierra. I got it to work if I go Full Screen and back.

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    @baitalmal The protocol Magnet, which was a Chromium bug, is fixed in the last Snapshot:

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    Interoperability with Magnet / Spectacle / Moom, etc. on macOS is a known issue and fixing it requires some improvements to Vivaldi's integration with the native macOS platform. The bugs pertaining to this are still open (not closed as "won't fix") so I'm still optimistic that this will be addressed at some point when time and resources permit.

    The Chromium code also had some recent interoperability issues with Magnet and the fixes for that are included in the latest Vivaldi snapshot. You'll have to wait a bit longer for that build on macOS due to a showstopper bug that was discovered at the last minute.

    As for Emojis... until Vivaldi adds an "Emoji and Symbols" item to the Edit menu, a viable workaround is to enable "Show Keyboard, Emoji, & Symbol Viewers in menu bar" in System Preferences / Keyboard.

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