Vivaldi won't start process gets killed

  • When I start Vivaldi, it creates several processes as seen in the pic, but they immediately die. Sometimes when I open a local .html file, the window will open. I just rebooted my PC, and now Vivaldi won't start at all, no matter what I do. I've excluded the app from anti virus/malware, so I know it's not those killing it. Has anyone else experienced this?0_1502399101526_vivaldi.png

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    @tjukken said in Vivaldi won't start process gets killed:

    I've excluded the app from anti virus/malware, so I know it's not those killing it.

    This is a mistaken belief. There are at least 3 AVs floating around right now that kill Vivaldi after an update, whether it's whitelisted, whether the AV is "disabled," or literally anything short of uninstalling the offending AV.

  • @Ayespy That may be so, but there's no AV installed here, only Malwarebytes and Microsoft's Windows Defender. Presumably a LOT of people would have the same problem as me if either or one of those were behind the problem.

    I've also reinstalled Vivaldi to see if it helped.

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    @tjukken If that doesn't work, try a fresh profile.

  • See this thread for a very similar problem:
    Also, see:

    Do you have another chromium-based browser installed on the system (like Chrome or new Opera)?

  • Thanks. I did try a fresh profile, but no luck.

  • Hey people. I somehow got Vivaldi to start again. I'm not sure why. I tested Blackbird's theory about chromium-based browsers, but those running didn't seem to have any effect. Then I killed Moo0 Window Menu Plus on a hunch, and Vivaldi started. I was just about to post about finding the cure, but it didn't hold, even when that was gone. But later, I got it started again. Not sure why, and I'm not betting on it being permanent, but I guess I'll see. Anyway, thanks for the help, guys. If I find the cause for real, I'll post again.

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