"Website would like to access your location"

  • I recently updated vivaldi to 1.11.917.39 and now I get this pop-up every time I open a new tab (see attached image).

    It's obstructive and doesn't let me do other things with the browser until it's closed. The trick is, it doesn't close as long as I'm in the new tab. No matter how many times I click "allow" or "deny", it stays there, on top of everything, not allowing me to move forward.

    I use the Momentum extension for my new tab which requests location data for weather. I would gladly allow the website "chrome://newtab" access to location data if this popup would let me.

    Any ideas why it doesn't go away or accept my response when I click on "allow" or "deny"? Thanks!

    0_1502396384976_Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 2.14.03 PM.png

  • You can enable websites to access your location by default. It's probably set to "ask" at this point. Click the world button in your address bar to change the setting for each site.

  • When the page is on chrome://newtab on the mac or windows, I can't get the location settings to stick.

    When I revert back to the old behaviour for momentum of setting both the start page and the new tab page to chrome-extension://laookkfknpbbblfpciffpaejjkokdgca/dashboard.html. I can get the location setting to stick. (I know the screenshots are windows, but I had the same behaviour on my mac at home this morning)

    <edit - this fixes the problem on windows - it doesn't work on mac>

    1_1502436448196_location settings.png 0_1502436448195_location ask.png

  • I am 1 year late to this post but I would still like to help. I just installed Vivaldi and added the Momentum extension too.


    1. Open a new tab
    2. Click on the browser icon like shown in the previous post.
    3. Then click on site settings
    4. You will be brought to the momentum extension settings
    5. The first option is location, in my case I would like to block the location so I clicked block (You can change to allow if you want)
    6. Click the back button
    7. Click on location
    8. Uncheck blocked
    9. BAM YOU ARE DONE!!!

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