Paste and go

  • So, is it a design decision to not implement this? Im no programmer, but i would guess its not a hard thing to do, and since its missing since a few releases i wonder if its missing for a reason? Would really love to have this feature back. edit: ok ive just seen that ctrl+shift+v does the trick, but i would still love to see it as a context menu entry when clicking in url bar with right mouse

  • it's occurred under "edit" menu. I think that it's just a one step closer to the address bar. (Though, it does nothing in under the "edit" menu right now)

  • indeed.

    well, a step closer i guess.

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    Are you all crazy? It has been implemented at least 2 snapshots ago. The only problem is that you must have focus in the address/search box.

    Vivaldi implementation is even better than Opera Chromium because it respects what is already typed.

  • in that case - I have to report a bug then 😛 "edit" menu do NOT open when hovered (and click on it will "unfocus" address bar.)

    so it's not working at all here 😕 anyway, I just said that it should be also in the address bar content menu.

    I'm not sure why it's not working.
    clean standalone install, W8.1 x64 with latest x32 build

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    The Edit->Paste & Go is broken, but Ctrl+Shift+V is working.

  • Paste & go still sorely missed.

  • @MetaBaron:

    Paste & go still sorely missed.

    I have just "refreshed" the memory of devs about this.

    BTW given the shortcut is already working, my workaround is to assign the tilt wheel right mouse function to ctrl+shift+v.


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