Serious problem: Vivaldi won't start.

  • Vivaldi won't start. I click on it and it starts and then immediately shuts down (I can tell by running process explorer and watching it). I'm on Windows 10. If I right click on the Vivaldi icon in the taskbar and click on open new tab, then it opened and I was able to restore my tabs. I tried restarting my machine. That did not help.

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  • The trick of opening a tab from the taskbar didn't work. I reinstalled that didn't seem to help. Frankly I am not sure how I got it started again. In process explorer I double clicked on it as it was opening and before it closed and that seemed to bring it up, but again I'm not sure.

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    @oscarrob Has Vivaldi ever run successfuly for you before?

  • @Ayespy All the time. I've been running it as my default browser since version 1.4 or something. I love it. It was running fine this morning until I installed 1.11.

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    Did you look in Task Manager to see if Vivaldi has processes running after you start it? If so, then is is starting our of frame from your display and has to be brought back into view. See this:

    And what security software do you run?

    And have you tried refreshing your profile?

    1. It shuts down completely no processes running
    2. Trend Micro OfficeScan and I believe the office runs a PaloAlto firewall.
    3. Have not "refreshed" mostly because its such a pain. Besides, all was fine until the 1.11 install.

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    @oscarrob "refreshing" is dead-simple and effortless. Perhaps worth the try.

    And two days ago, we caught Trend Micro blocking updated Vivaldi versions.

  • @Ayespy Interesting. It now seems to be working well. It worked after shutting it down and also after a restart.
    Did not have to refresh. I'll tell you if it happens again.

  • @oscarrob What did you do just prior to it starting to work again?

  • @Blackbird I'm really not sure. It seems like I just tried multiple times

  • @Blackbird I just shut down Vivaldi and tried to restart it. It failed the first time, but succeeded the second. Did not do anything else.

  • @oscarrob said in Serious problem:

    @Blackbird I just shut down Vivaldi and tried to restart it. It failed the first time, but succeeded the second. Did not do anything else.

    Wow! It sounds like self-healing code... :smile:
    Needless to say, it may take a while to be sure it's working solidly.

  • @Blackbird So I tried shutting down and restarting the computer. Vivaldi started after 4 or 5 tries. As other threads have said, it actually starts and then shuts down without ever fully loading on the screen. After 4 or 5 tries it started, but it had only the start tab, and I had to reload the other tabs.

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