is my laptop shit? (extensions breakdown)

  • with the latest version of vivaldi and with executable parameters enable: "--process-per-site --enable-low-end-device-mode --enable-low-res-tiling" my browsing became slow as fuck, freezing as hell o____o i have windows 7 64bit and hp pavillion dv7 which is a lot heated suring summer. i can't even watch a youtube video :'( :'( :'( :'(

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    @wayrus what 3P security software do you run?

  • @Ayespy you mean chromium extensions or windows softwares?

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    @wayrus The main possible culprit would be a Windows protection app of some kind. That said, certain noscript extensions have been known to kill Vivaldi.

  • @wayrus Specifically security software, such as anti-viruses. In the past these have been suspected of causing vivaldi to slow down

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    @LonM Not merely suspected - proved.

  • ok i have microsoft security essentials and 360 total security (in combination with its extension

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    @wayrus The authors of 360 Total also publish their own browser in competition with Vivaldi. And 360 Total has been implicated in blocking Vivaldi in the past.

  • @Ayespy omg -_____________ - what antivirus do i replace it with?! it was the only one free on the web to give complete protection :'( what will i do without this. i don't even have a firewall

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    @wayrus I don't use and don't recommend antivirus products (other than the built-in Windows Defender and Windows Firewall) But recently Avira got some good reports.

  • @Ayespy ok thank you man i also have windows defender actually. i will unistall this 360 shit and maybe install something easier.

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    I don't have AV either but I had checked Avira in the past, it's very fast and reports show that it does a good job. When I used Avira I rarely had false positives and even when I did I sent them the files and it was removed from their database in less than a week.

    @Ayespy said in is my laptop shit?:

    That said, certain noscript extensions have been known to kill Vivaldi.

    This was fixed by Chromium, now extensions can't fiddle with requests from other extensions/apps.

  • i unistalled 360 antivirus but the freezes and lag continue :( i repeat this happened today with the new version!!

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    You can try installing a standalone version just to see if it's not your user profile.

  • @An_dz how can i make a standalone version?

  • @wayrus said in is my laptop shit?:

    @An_dz how can i make a standalone version?

    ok i made it.

  • yes it is my friggin user profile. i think there is a serious conflict with the extensions. :(

  • this is my list of extensions. do you know any problem or bug with them?

    aaaaahnmcjcoomdncaekjkjedgagpnln : Contextual Search for YouTube : version 1_0_0_13
    aapbdbdomjkkjkaonfhkkikfgjllcleb : Google Traduttore : version 2_0_6
    acmfnomgphggonodopogfbmkneepfgnh : Bookmark Favicon Changer : version 2_21
    ahfgeienlihckogmohjhadlkjgocpleb : Web Store : version 0_2
    aldklnbenbdgfgfbflalmlddkkndgnlc : List Layouts for Trello : version 3_1
    blffolihmbppalnhljlngommakcnkhhh : Grab Any Media : version 6_1_2_0
    cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm : uBlock Origin : version 1_13_8
    ckdcpbflcbeillmamogkpmdhnbeggfja : Do Not Track : version 0_1_1
    cknebhggccemgcnbidipinkifmmegdel : Alexa Traffic Rank : version 4_0_1
    cmjcmogcdofcljpojplgmfpheblcaehh : Easy WebRTC Block : version 1_1_0
    dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo : Tampermonkey : version 4_3_6
    dmdidbedhnbabookbkpkgomahnocimke : Trello : version 0_0_48
    edacconmaakjimmfgnblocblbcdcpbko : Session Buddy : version 3_6_2
    fbfjhllmkehmdajjlkolhdjjlfcmmlpl : Button for Pinterest™ : version 7_5_2
    fknaohlgfeleijccobadbaonmmialkfd : Quotempole : version 1_0_9
    fllaojicojecljbmefodhfapmkghcbnh : Componente aggiuntivo per disattiv. Analytics : version 1_1
    gbiekjoijknlhijdjbaadobpkdhmoebb : IBA Opt-out (by Google) : version 1_5
    gcbommkclmclpchllfjekcdonpmejbdp : HTTPS Everywhere : version 2017_7_18
    ieijbjcimmnfodcfgefococlmmkhodad : Pretty New Tab : version 1_0_1
    jeoacafpbcihiomhlakheieifhpjdfeo : Disconnect : version 5_18_23
    kmendfapggjehodndflmmgagdbamhnfd : CryptoTokenExtension : version 0_9_46
    lnboppjpcdnckcklbmjmdahfkpmgglec : Bookmark Checker : version 5_1_6
    mhjfbmdgcfjbbpaeojofohoefgiehjai : Chromium PDF Viewer : version 1
    mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli : Vivaldi : version 1_5
    ncmimagmhlfgfklemnpoehohcjhiioha : Auto HD Plus for YouTube™ : version 1_0_5
    omghfjlpggmjjaagoclmmobgdodcjboh : Browsec VPN - Free and Unlimited VPN : version 3_16_10
    pkedcjkdefgpdelpbcmbmeomcjbeemfm : Chrome Media Router : version 6017_605_1_4

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    I've Panda Protect, cloud based similar to 360, but without the problems with Vivaldi

  • i'm finding out that the most problematic ones are Browsec VPN and Alexa Traffic Rank but also others. why this huge slowering problem?

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