.lavaball embraces The Vivaldi Cup

  • .lavaball embraces The Vivaldi Cup
    hello atlemo, Shpankov, Icyle, Team Vivaldi, vivaldi forum readers

    alt text
    Picture Tony holding a cup.
    Is that Your cup or Tony's cup? Does Tony drink coffee or tea? Applesin or malt? Brennivín!? Does Zanetta lavaball drink Opal?
    Is it that Tony lavaball is the cupwarmer; you have Tony hold your cup to keep warm your beverages? That is the most we can guess is that it then is not a cold beverage if Tony is holding it.
    Is Tony lavaball helping with esprit de corps with bringing cups of hot chocolate constantly to the developers? That would be kinda cool... or warming; though Tony could show up too often tempting you to take another break. Is this Tony saying "May I get for you another?" When Tony takes your cup for a refill and Tony does not return with your cup, do you suppose he takes it to his cave or does he take it and give it to atlemo? Hello Shpankov, How many cups has Tony taken from You? Hello Icyle, do You make the hot chocolate for Tony to dispense?
    Did you take this picture the day that you forgot, left your cup behind, felt a tap on your shoulder, it is Tony saying "here. You forgot Your cup." ?
    Maybe this is a picture capturing Tony's deeds and it is You saying "Look. Tony has Your cup again." ?
    Is Tony contemplating to toast, "another snapshot done. Cheers!" ?

    How about You, reader, what will you drink from Your Vivaldi cup?

    Get a cup Today from Tony's stash cache. And too get one for your friend. You will appear as does Tony, "Look here ... Got this cup for You."

  • @i_ri Just for those who prefer the old logo.

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