A Small Glitch

  • Not sure if this is Linux only, but if you go to this site: http://www.kitcosilver.com/charts.html and click on one of the smaller charts to enlarge (under the main two black background charts), then click the button, "Click to Enlarge" on the pop-up window, it just goes blank. It works fine on Chrome.

    Not sure if this was the place to bring this up, and not a big deal, but thought I should let someone know.

    (Post edited for clarity)

  • for me, in win7, it works if I let the popups open in tabs
    click to enlarge simply redirects to
    with popup windows instead you have insist pressing enter on the address field to force it reloading. Clearly another of the too many bugs in the popups as windows in Vivaldi.

  • A very small problem in a fantastic browser.

    Yes, it is a pop-up, but in my case it actually opens a small window showing another instance in the Cinnamon panel - not sure if that is relevant. It pops up alright, but when the button to enlarge is pressed, it goes blank.

  • @Felemur Confirmed also in oS TW KDE.

  • I experience that blank popup in other site, a game site hptt://dbo.r2games.com/.
    Its Recharge (called in game) system call a popup window like @Felemur mentioned above. Yeah, probably need to register to get in.

    I happen to notice it since last snapshot, don't know any snapshots before. I'm just too lazy to report because i'm just new free player there, I'm sorry.

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