Feature requests for 1.12

  • Moving Tab Cycler window according to the mouse coordinates

    When you call the Tab Cycler window by mouse (holding right button and rotating mousewheel), and only in this case (you can also call it from keyboard), it would be more souple and ergonomic if this window is not centered but preferably has its position according to the mouse coordinates when the right button pressure is done :

    • It has to become an extension of mouse accessible parameters
    • This remembers that the window has been called by mouse, avoiding to loose the mind searching why this special window has just appeared, specialy for beginning users
    • This keeps reading focus on the page window and not makes you to readapt your mind on the main vivaldi's interface
    • Easy for mouse users to get the previous tab or the next one : specialy for browsing with opened tab by disgression link into the previous tab

    Before :
    After :

    Make an option in mouse setting panel with a checkbox for this feature :

    • it makes visible this basic feature for getting to be known
    • keyboard users can desactivate it

  • @Pesala
    It is a very handy feature in other browsers. Works similar to dragging a link to the tab bar. The one have mentioned is much more inconvenient.

  • Mouseover Bookmarks Toolbar

    Allow to move your mouse over a folder on the Bookmarks Toolbar to open it immediately and cycle the bookmarks in it. This prevents the needing to click each time we want to open a folder.

  • Option to disable autoload/preload of html5-videos
    with three possible settings

    1. Load and play everything - like Vivaldi does now
    2. Preload but don't play - for those with unlimited volume or low bandwidth (to prevent stuttering)
    3. Load and play on demand only - for those with restricted download volume or usually not interested in all those videos

  • Bookmarks / Notes Separators

    Ability to separate bookmarks/notes with a single, horizontal line, just like in Opera 12.

  • Bookmark bar enhancement:

    1.) Middle mouse click on a bookmark subfolder should open all containing tabs.

    2.) When opening a bookmark in a bookmark folder, the bookmark folder is getting closed. Would be great if it would stay open, so it would be possible to open more bookmarks at once.

    3.) When opening a bookmark root folder, hovering the mouse cursor over another root folder should open it without the need of a second mouse click.

    In short: Please take Opera's bookmark bar as an example. It has all three requested features implemented and has in my humble opinion the best bookmark bar of all popular browsers. Especially the first feature request is very important for me, cause it prevents me from using Vivaldi as my main browser.

  • double the bookmark title characters limit for bookmarks inside folders of bookmarks bar.

  • possibility to add separators lines in bookmarks folders. (like oldest Internet Explorer)

  • Search Bar:
    thumbnail of active selected search engine instead of generic magnifier icon

  • Settings/Saved Passwords:
    Allow displaying the corresponding passwords (with confirmation dialog) like firefox does.

  • Add gesture/hot-key "Remove from Tab Stack".

  • Open tabs in background when middle clicking in history list (right click back button). This has been bugging me for quite a long time.

  • please add website UI editor
    you can see the details at here : https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/20003/websites-ui-editor/2

  • OK. My request would be to bring back the icon or make another one. You could get rid of the squircle and only keep an oval with the v. The current hurts my feelings. Thanks
    How about using this one:alt text or this one alt text
    or have your designers put some strings in there as well since is called Vivaldi. I might be working on something with strings and propose it myself. Cheers

  • @Pesala said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    @Regnas said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Every Chromium browser variant I tried has this feature but Vivaldi.

    Vivaldi does not really need it because it has the Search with context menu. Dragging text to the tab bar seems like a waste of effort to me. Dropping it on the page should probably open the search in the current tab.

    0_1502430503438_Search With Context Menu.png

    You're saying that because you never used it.
    There's a reason this feature is on every chromium browser... I'm currently using Opera, and I only jumped fully to Opera after they added this feature....
    That old school type of searching you're showing is only useful when I want to search on a site I don't use often, for straight google stuff I just drag and drop..
    Vivaldi needs this.

  • @trusk

    Google Translated:

    I still think they could adopt a feature of the discontinued UC Browser, which is the option to save loaded images quickly only by using the shortcut "CTRL + Left Mouse Click" on the image you want to save, thus making the image go to the destination Pre-set. I found this feature super useful!

  • Filter-able list of keyboard shortcuts (so it's possible to easily search for given action)

  • @qmarchi
    I agree to your request, for now I'm using Classic Image extension which does that and adds also image context menu infos.
    download the crx and drag&drop it into the extension page (ctrl-shit-E)

  • @D0J0P Smooth Scroll at Bookmark, History, Bookmark Manager!

  • keyboard shortcuts ( I prefer Ctrl+Alt+PgUp/Dn ) to move tabs in the tab list left and right


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