Feature requests for 1.12

  • @pesala Complete ❤

  • Vivaldi Translator

    An option to set custom icons for extensions.

  • (experimental) Window panel: options to close tab with double click and button on tab; new tab should be also listed as last tab (as in the tab strip).

  • Vivaldi Translator

    An instant 'Night Mode' option with a button (maybe in the status bar).
    This option should override the current theme and switch to a darker one (including the pages - see the attached image). A click again switches it back to normal. 0_1505144989689_c65bc6d8-0c83-410d-b3ad-de7c284c3cf5-image.png

  • Hello there. I've been using Vivaldi browser for quite some time now, and it's quickly become my preferred browser, in my personal case, on the gnu/linux x-64 platform. That is especially so if I use any chromium based browser. Anyways, I do have one suggestion and I apologize if it's already been brought up, but my suggestion is as follows:

    When you click the sidebar for downloads, bookmarks, etc. Instead of having it squish/shove the webpage to the right of the screen, why not make it behave more like an overlay that pops out "in front of" the web page. Possibly make an opacity option to go with it as well. If other people like the current behavior, that's fine, but I would personally like the option to leave it as is or make it behave the way I am suggesting.

    Thank you, have a good day.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @cabbageknight I think this tweak will help you for the time being.

  • @d0j0p And then they can start adding advanced features, like multiple enable/disable.

  • ability to duplicate actual tab in new incognito mode window (e.g. with mouse right click on bar link option)

  • @lonm thank you so much for the feedback! I discovered more senseless default shortcuts that certainly could use a tweaking.

    • Bookmarks should be "Ctrl+Alt+B" instead of Ctrl+B (because it's used for Bold)
    • View Source should be anything else than CTRL+U (because it's used for Underlines)
    • Focus Address field should be "ALT+D" instead of "CTRL+L" which is the browser standards ( I know CTRL+L is Linux GUI standard for directory selection nevertheless!).


  • @dinoraptor you can edit the keyboard shortcuts how you like them. I never use text modifiers so for me the keys are ok like that. Besides, there's not real "standard", most browser have different and multiple ways to select the address field like Ctrl-L, Alt-D, F6, (F8 too in Vivaldi), but how many can let you change them? At least with Vivaldi you can.

  • @ Vivaldi Team,
    In "Capture Page" feature, following options is not available. Requesting Vivaldi team to add these options in 1.12

    • Option to "Save as PDF" in "Capture Page" ('Full Page' option)
    • Option to "Save as PDF" in "Select Area" ('Selection' option)
    • Option to select only specific area in scrolling page (full page) and save as PDF


  • This request was brought up by me in this post, but was asked to post the request here.

    I really do appreciate the latest Inspect Image tool, but I'd also like to see something a little more simplistic in addition. Maybe have something like Image Properties, which pops up a small window with simplistic image properties, but having an advanced button to go to a tab with the current Inspect Image tool.

    My reasoning is that when on a page with an image I want to investigate, it'd be nice to still be on the page where the image resides and not have to go to a separate tab for simple image properties if you have tabbed browsing. Maybe just have an option for this kind of thing, defaulting to the current Inspect Image.

    Still, thanks for the Inspect Image tool.

  • Add an Address Bar Option to Show/Hide the Home button

  • /Ambassador/

    @nskaarup Already covered by:

    @d0j0p said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Ability to add/move/remove buttons and UI elements.

  • @pesala Must have missed that one when reading through the posts

  • Tab bar: Handling many opened tabs like Firefox

    The current handling is that tabs are getting smaller and smaller the more are opened. This gets up to a point where the caption cannot be read anymore.

    It would be nice if the tab bar could be made scrollable (I do not mean switching tabs with the mouse wheel) like in Firefox when a certain number of tabs is open, so that they can keep a minimum size.

  • "Open Link In New Background Tab" on top of the popup menu list

    Not sure about you guys, but for me the "Open Link In New Background Tab" is more important and more often used than the "Open Link In New Tab", so I think it should be on top of the popup menu list when I right click on a link.... I found myself very often clicking on the first option by accident... Other browsers have this option on top because of this..

    Example of the ideal order:

    alt text


  • @regnas See, I'm the complete opposite, in that I rarely open a tab in the background. So, on a personal level, I'd be hit by your suggestion.

    What would be nice is the ability to edit the menus, but I expect such a thing will be some time coming, if at all.

  • /Ambassador/

    @regnas This is covered by this earlier feature request.

    @pesala said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Allow Editing of Menus

    Changing defaults will always annoy someone, so the best option is to allow full customisation of menus as we can do in Opera 12.17.

    0_1505308398443_Opera Link Context Menu.png

  • Vivaldi engine

    Not quite easy and not only for v1.12, but I think cutting off with Chromium would make Vivaldi more customized and famous.

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