Feature requests for 1.12

  • @gaelle Chrome for Mac has moved away from using the Mac Keychain for storing credentials, using it only as a means to unlock its internal password store. There are 2 issues with that IMHO

    1. centralised credential storing means other applications can also be allowed access to them (and the user has a central place to refresh his/her memory)
    2. the internal password store remains unlocked regardless once unlocked. You do have to enter the keychain password to visualise the stored passwords, but there is no such protection for logging in to sites. Compare this to Chrome on Linux/KDE, where you do have to unlock the wallet.

    So this feature request is double:

    1. Also store new credentials in the keychain
    2. unlock the keychain (if locked) before using a stored password

    Point 2 would apply only for site credentials, not for the credentials used to access Vivaldi's future sync feature (which would of course allow NOT syncing passwords). The sync credentials should indeed be cached OR they should be stored as an easily identifiable entry in the keychain (so that the user can chose to move it to a keychain with dedicated security settings; I can elaborate on that if you want).

    (I haven't yet been able to test Vivaldi on a Mac so apologies if the feature exists)

  • Remember zoom level (at a domain level)
    If I visit a specific zite and enlarge the font by pressing Cmd + +, I would like the browser to remember the setting on that particular domain. It works this way on Chrome and I find it very practical. When I close a tab, it's going to remember the zoom value and any page reopened on the same domain is going to be zoomed accordingly, without me resetting it every single time, which is just annoying.

  • Moderator

    Play on Demand for all media (GIF, Audio, Video, Plugins)
    A option to disable autoplay and autoload of all media and plugins
    and a user interface element on such media to play after clicking on it.

  • @gaelle Printing to PDF: better support for "no margins" than Chrome currently has. When generating a PDF it's possible to do a full edge-to-edge print. That could include the headers and footers if the user wants them: they can be placed just on the edge. Chrome doesn't do this; headers and footers will disappear when decreasing the margins.

    • Option to give custom icons to both bookmark folders and bookmark icons. I typically like to remove the text from the bookmarks toolbar to save space, but this is a problem if the website doesn't have an icon, so the ability to add custom icons for bookmarks would be swell. Ditto for folders. So many browsers would benefit from this basic feature IMO and I've yet to find one with it built-in.

    • Ability to have text only for the folders but icon only for the bookmarks. Currently these options (https://i.gyazo.com/bdbc9dea8332f09ad9cf9c4a7d0c4be5.png) apply only to both at the same time. Basically I'd like "Bookmark Icon Only" without showing the folder icons, just the folder text to save space. I suppose if folder icons can be changed this won't matter much (to me) but it'd be a good feature to have.

    • Ability to move the Start Page folders to the bottom. Basically like how the Maxthon 4 browser has it. More of a preference since I'm used to it.

    • Ability to group Start Page favorites together. More broadly Maxthon 4 allows you to place favorites wherever. If you move another favorite everything else doesn't move. Furthermore you can make groups of them that aren't a separate folder. An analogy to the former point is basically to remove the built-in auto-arrange.

    • Ability to set a different background image for each Start Page folder.

  • @gravitorbox said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    ... save space ...

    Saving space is always a good idea. In the case of bookmarks I'd argue that what's really missing is a bookmarks menu, like Google Chrome has. That menu has other features which would be nice to have, like the icons of the less used extensions (= the ones you interact less with, they could still be doing their job of course).

  • Tab scrolling via mouse need to be separate into 2 functions

    When u enabled Switch tabs by scrolling, it will do 2 things:

    1. Holding RMB & scroll up/down anywhere will switch tab.
    2. Hover mouse pointer on tab & scroll up/down will also switch tab.

    I need the first function but not the 2nd function, because i use tab on left position & usually have over 100 tabs. Thus, i scroll through tabs (without switching tab) with mouse wheel to search for tab.

    My suggestion would be add more detail options:
    ☑ Switch tabs by scrolling on tabbar
    ☑ Switch tab by RMB + Mousewheel on anywhere


  • Option for force left-click on link/button always open on current tab

    We can Shift + LC open in new tab; Ctrl + LC open in background tab; Shift+Ctrl + LC to open in new window. But what about open in current tab?

    Some website like to spam new tab on every link, i think Vivaldi should give the control back to user by enforcing left-click = this tab ONLY behavior as an option.

  • Separate process for Vivaldi download manager

    Downloading something, forgot about it & close the browser = lost download! This is one of the reason i don't like to use Vivaldi download manger. There are proposal for warning notification on closing browser, but i think it would be better if the download would continue in background even after we shutdown the browser.

    That means we can shutdown or restart the browser without worry about losing any download. This would be also very useful when we need to unload resources from Vivaldi when gaming or using other memory expensive application while keeping the download alive.


  • Create Website Thumbnail after page is fully rendered + it scrolled

    It would be cool if the Website Thumbnails(The images we see if we hover a tab) would be created after the page is fully rendered and it scrolled to the right position (to the place after the # in the URL)

  • Mouse gesture for "Image properties"

    Just please add Image properties command available in the mouse gesture selection of commands.

  • - Ambassador -

    @gravitorbox Dude, I suggested one of the things you mentioned back there, see if it pays more attention.

  • @gaelle Make tabs and address line slide down on mouse over in full screen (F11) mode, like Yander Browser does it. Please see the attached GIF for details.

    The image is here (the thumbnail is not visible for whatever reason)


    Thank you!

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Extension list filter option:
    Ability to filter extensions by name (search box)
    Sorting: time, origin (chrome store/non CS), Enabled/Disabled
    This will be helpful for people who have a long list of extensions.

  • The open web panel interface should not carry over to new tabs or new windows. Right now they even work in incognito

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    @nirose Please make a single request per post, so that other users can upvote the requests they support. Do not put multiple requests in a single comment. Thanks!

  • Alert high CPU or RAM usage tabs. (make their tabs faint red?)

  • Open tab in background for quick commands

  • @nirose said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Alert high CPU or RAM usage tabs. (make their tabs faint red?)

    Nice one. And for the real hackers' delight, add a tab menu to control process priority. Putting the process in background priority automatically when a tab goes to the background could also be nice on systems that define such a priority level.

  • Please have a look at The Great Suspender extension, and see if the features it provides could work even better when integrated

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