Feature requests for 1.12

  • Choose Fonts for GUI

  • Collapse/Expand Bookmark Tree with FlipBack/FlipForward

  • Native-ish theme without the colorful stuff. Toolbars, scrollbars, menus and hover effects should fit into the OS design. It can be done with CSS.

    Please, make it possible!

  • Customizable rocker gestures

  • Allow Editing of Menus

  • File Sharing like Opera Unite

    For those who have never used Opera Unite, what it does basically is set up your computer as a web server. Your customers can use any browser — it doesn't have to be Opera. You can also continue to use any browser as your default browser, but Opera must be running.

    You can publish a customer's site to your local drive and send them the URL. They can browse the site as long as you are running Opera. The advantage is that you can make changes very fast without uploading anything — more or less while the customer is on the phone or using IRC chat, etc.

    Any folder on your hard drives can be made available to everyone or protected by a password. Only that folder is accessible, but files stored in that file can be downloaded and/or uploaded without the bother of any email or IRC Chat interaction. Activity is monitored, but I never noticed any bandwidth issues on broadband, and that was when it was a lot slower than it is today.

  • Image Properties Context menu

    Implemented in Snapshot 1.12.955.3 by adding the Image Inspector.

    Select Image Properties on the context menu to open the Image Inspector in a new tab.


  • List Existing Sessions on Save Session

  • More Space Above Tabs if not Maximized

  • Moderator

    Method of allowing custom UI styles across upgrades

    Currently if a user has a custom stylesheet for the browser ui they have to do some sort of hacky installation by modifying the browser.html file. This is lost when the browser is upgraded to a new version. It would be nice if there was some way to store custom styles in a setting that is persistent when the browser is upgraded.

    I understand this might get broken if some of the ui names change on a particular upgrade, so this kind of setting might not need to be visible within the browser settings tab itself, maybe just as a file in the user dir that way if something is broken it can easily be disabled.

  • Proximity Search to Find Two or More Words

  • Allow Resizing of Tiled Tabs

  • Settings Dialogue Should Remember it's Size and Active Tab

  • Sort Commands for Mouse Gestures Alphabetically

  • Split Tab

    Clone and Tile the active tab

  • Windows Panel

  • Show/Hide Panel Icon on Right if Panels on Right

  • Reduce Vertical Height of Navigation Bar in Start Page

  • Zoom Start Page Thumbnails to Fit

    • Improve Speed ​​Dial thumbnails
      Take something like the Opera Browser, that the same browser suggests the thumbnails.
      Manually uploaded thumbnails are saved in the Browser. Otherwise if you delete them from the PC, they disappear from the Speed ​​Dial.

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