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    As we released today Vivaldi 1.11, here's a new thread for you to request your favorite feature.
    Of course previous requests are still being looked as well. 😉

    In case your request has already been added, please vote for it as follow:
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    Post only one request per reply so that others can easily vote for your favorite feature. 🙂

    In case your feature request has been already implemented in Vivaldi, it will be moved to this topic so that it helps us to keep focused on the new request.

    Thanks for your participation and helping us improving Vivaldi!

  • Have macOS keyboard shortcuts work http://imgur.com/a/6q9UT

  • Ainda acho que poderiam adotar um recurso do descontinuado UC Browser, que é a opção de salvar imagens carregadas rapidamente apenas usando o atalho "CTRL/SHIFT+Clique esquerdo do mouse" sobre a imagem que deseja salvar, fazendo com que assim a imagem vá para o destino pré definido. Achei esse recurso super util! 😃

    I still think they could adopt a feature of the discontinued UC Browser, which is the option to save loaded images quickly only by using the shortcut "CTRL/SHIFT + Left Mouse Click" on the image you want to save, thus making the image go to the destination Pre-set. I found this feature super useful! 😃

  • Add option for search with direct typing, without F3.

  • Ability to save webpanels in a dedicated bookmarks folder (like speed dial), provide access to them in the panel right click menu.

  • Native cookie whitelist in vivaldi://settings/privacy/ -- Cookies.

  • Vertical list tab cycler.

    Just like O12, Vivaldi should have a vertical list tab cycle that displays your tabs vertically, and can be cycled through with our custom keyboard shortcuts. It'd also be nice to display the thumbnails on the side. Basically a vertical list tab cycle that mimics O12's in every way.

  • Better Font Rendering.

    Chromium's font rendering is really not as good as Firefox's, Safari's, Edge's, or O12's. It would be great if Vivaldi could break away from Chromium in this regard by creating it's own better font rendering that is smooth and professional.

  • More Theme Customizations.

    It would be great if we could set, for example, the border-radius of our theme as universal or default, so we could look at all our rounded corners as 4px instead of some. It'd be nice if the edges of the icons(back, forward, fast forward, rewind, refresh, home, bookmark, down arrow, trash can, new tab, panel buttons, find in page buttons etc. etc.) could also become rounded at our will for those of us who like the friendlier, modern appearance. Or to be able to set our own images as the icons, to create our own icons, and create our own skin.

  • Ability to add/move/remove buttons and UI elements.

    For example, being able to remove the buttons to the left of the address bar, or the V button, or the new tab and trash icons, the bookmark icons, etc. etc. would be a good start. Another crucial addition would be the ability to place tabs below the address bar, for those that have been waiting for it(I also want it just to see if it looks good that way). Moving panel buttons would be great too, and being able to add some of the status bar buttons to the top bar such as the camera button, page actions, and zoom slider, would also be great.

  • Vivaldi's Dedicated Downloads Page.

    Chrome seems to have it's own dedicated downloads page, which Vivaldi uses as part of Chromium. Every browser seems to have it's own set of dedicated pages. So while I don't care if Vivaldi's is attached to the Startpage, at least having Vivaldi's personal downloads page would help complete the set and differentiate Vivaldi further from other browsers.

  • A link collection of the current site like old Opera used to have (Link Grabber). Probably best to integrate this optionally in panel.

  • Vivaldi's Dedicated Extensions Page.

    We normally manage our extensions through Chromium's extension page, which fits into their design theme, but not into Vivaldi's. Other browsers, like Firefox and Opera, have their own extension pages as well that are made for their browsers. It would be great if Vivaldi would have the same for it's own browser, where we can manage extensions in a powerful way that's designed with Vivaldi's UI.

  • Better Smooth Scrolling.

    It would be great if Vivaldi could break further away from Chromium and develop it's own smooth scrolling that is as good as Safari or Edge.

  • Option to Tile Fixed Tab.

    You can tile two tabs together right now, which is great, but what about tiling one fixed tab that stays in place even after closing multiple tabs beside it, and keeping that fixed tab tiled until you turn it off? That would be a useful feature. It could be used to watch a video while reading something, or for reading two things, or comparing information to other information for more than 2 tabs, etc. It could be pretty useful.

  • Add a "Go"-Button to the Address Bar
    A button you can press to open the address in the address bar.
    This is useful when you are using the mouse with your right and type with the left hand or when using a Touchscreen, where you can paste/cut parts of the address via the context menu but can't press ENTER to go to this address.

  • Ability to upgrade Vivaldi on next restart. Currently the Vivaldi update is being lost if it has finished downloading and you close the browser without interacting with it.

  • Add an option to always open links in the same tab/a new tab/a new window
    An option where you can select that all links should open in

    • the same tab
    • a new tab
    • a new window

  • Add option in settings to disable autofill in text boxes on pages.

  • Add option to set a static grid on SpeedDial (n x m, ie. 5 x 9) and put thumbnails anywhere on this SpeedDial grid (with unused cells invisible). It will work very well with custom backgrounds (you could remove thumnails covering important parts of the picture). Currently you can only place thumbnails in linear fashion and they change their position when you change size of the window or open side panel (what’s the point of SpeedDial tiles when they change their position on the grid every time when you change window size and you have to search through them?).

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