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  • @gort said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    @regnas What you've wrote is fairly ambiguous, so I'm reading it that you mean that your hands are on the keyboard and you don't want to take them off that in order to use the mouse; time wasting, etc. Sure, that's fine. Why not make a keyboard shortcut by configuring Vivaldi in Settings>Keyboard>Page>Open Link in Background Tab (Over a Link)? No need to take your hands off the keyboard doing it that way. I mean, power users don't care about menus when there are keyboard shortcuts to be played with. ;)

    Still, my initial point is that your suggestion is only considering your own usage and not that of others, who'll be affected by your wish. I'm fine with the idea of having user configurable menus, which I'd like, which would suit all users.

    No, I mean, I'm always super busy and on the go mostly using laptops (no mouse here), only one hand available most of the time and for the touchpad area only....... You get the picture.............. ;)

  • @regnas Then configure your touchpad to emulate a middle click.

    BTW, I do hope I'm not getting the picture about your one-handed use of your laptop. ;)

  • @gort said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    @regnas Then configure your touchpad to emulate a middle click.

    BTW, I do hope I'm not getting the picture about your one-handed use of your laptop. ;)

    That's not a option unfortunately.....
    I use opera btw (I know it's a browser for noobs), because it's faster to navigate than vivaldi at moment (the drag and drop operations are great, and the context menus are well organized), but I found a bug in their developer tools (I already reported) but they didn't fixed it yet, so this week I'm with vivaldi, and I'm already feeling the PITA.... Without the full drag and drop operations vivaldi feels like an unfinished web browser.... Hope they listen and start implementing them... :)

  • Hi,
    is there a way to get the web-paneel (sidebar) to toggle (open/close) by just "mouseover" without any click on it?
    Thanks in advance

  • @regnas Well, Vivaldi is relatively new and its devs are constantly adding features and fixing bugs. So, in that sense, it's unfinished, but it's moving onwards and upwards. The devs do respond to users' requests and are responsive to feedback, which I do think is a big plus point for them. There are things I'd like improved, but unlike most browsers, for me, it's moving in the right direction.

    Anyway, this is the feature request page, so I'll stop here before trying others' patience. ;) Nice speaking to you. :)

  • Prevent Stable Version Update to Dev Version

    Stable version and Dev version running at the same time confused the updater. If I delete one of them then it back to normal.

    0_1505345390907_Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 6.29.21 PM.png

  • an ability to create multiple user profiles internally and set custom settings on each profile (a per-profile theme, for example), plus the ability to set a custom profile for each tab.

    Bonus if you can implement automatic triggers that switch profiles based on URL active on tab/active network connection/etc.

  • @luetage Yeah, I'm tired of typing chrome://settings/content/cookies each time I need to add cookie exception. That would be nice to add some new buttons like "add as exception" to saved cookie list, besides "remove", or any other NATIVE way to do this. A button near "bookmark" in address field gonna be even better (just dreams sob).

  • Add Toggle Images and Page Actions (from status bar) to tab context menu.

    This allows changing what the page will look like before it is switched to.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    An option to resume downloads: Interrupted downloads should resume (wherever possible). This will help a lot of people with slow internet connections where network drops are very common.
    Example: A person might be downloading a hundred MB file and his connection drops at around 97% (and he has spent nearly forty minutes to get there), the download stops there. The only way to complete it is, by restarting the process and keeping fingers crossed.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Press and hold the mouse button to surf a full size image like Opera 12 (the second picture).


  • Vivaldi Translator

    If a webpage supports text formatting, Ctrl+b should turn on the Bold functionality. It should not open bookmarks while being in a text-input-field.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    It would be great to add the option to upload a screenshot to some imagesharer, such as Imgur or better Lutim (GPL) https://lut.im/, since the captures in most of times serve to share in some post

  • @liastre @liastre I got tired of typing to get to the settings pages also. I added the following pages as panels:

    They are hidden when I don't need them, but available with just a click. I'll probably be adding more as time goes on. <3

  • @criverajc That's the whitelist approach. It is naturally quite secure, until you accidentally trust a site that loads JavaScript that includes or executes something you weren't anticipating.

    That's what my suggestion is aiming to mitigate, by disabling commonly exploited event hooks and methods that look like browser-level activity.

    I'd say that the era of JavaScript alerts and prompts is far passed. There are a multitude of ways to alert users and gather user input simply and elegantly through frameworks, libraries, and just good old-fashioned hand-made scripting. The alert and prompt methods should probably be entirely disabled within the tab's context and relegated to bookmarklets that have specific user authorization and the developer console—though simply using the logging functions is typically more helpful since it will let you navigate objects, variables, etc.

    The feature I'm requesting is like how app permissions work on many mobile operating systems nowadays. Apps need to request access to a privileged feature before they get carte blanche to use it. At the same time, if the user decides at any time they don't like what an app is doing, they can revoke the permissions.

    The sprawling reach of JavaScript makes this request complicated, but forcing it to a binary choice of all JavaScript or no JavaScript is part of the danger. If a user wants or needs the content of a site, they will usually disable protection because nothing loaded or the site says "We need to rummage about in your ... everything ... as compensation for this juicy little morsel we tempted you with. Allow ads, cookies, 3rd party w/e, scripts, etc. or no dice."

  • @yes-aravind I've taken to disabling that shortcut and a couple more. Disabling it while a form field has focus would be a welcome solution.

  • @sdgreene You are so right! It seems like a constant struggle to keep cookies and such off our computers from site we only occasionally visit. :)

  • @domsch1988 I made a post about this specific feature as well. (https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/20037/feature-requests-for-1-12/441)

    I've made posts in past feature request threads about implementing nested tabs like 'Tree Style Tabs' does as well. I'm really hoping they pick up and get some attention. Besides Vimperator, literally the only reason I still use Firefox over Vivaldi is because of the lack of features for vertical tabs.

  • @domsch1988 That's awesome man!! I will definitely be checking out your custom fix later today.

    But you are definitely not alone. I've been waiting for this feature ever since I launched Vivaldi for the first time! It's really the only complaint I have.

  • @rokanishu To be honest, i'm going with a completely different solution atm. With my around 30 pinned tabs it's getting harder to find relevant ones. I'm now using nativefier to make my most relevant webpages "Windows Applications". This makes them available from the Taskbar, which, for me, is even more convenient.
    We're using many webbased applications at work. I'm still using the "shrinked pinned"-Solution for the rest though.

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