Feature requests for 1.12

  • @criverajc That's the whitelist approach. It is naturally quite secure, until you accidentally trust a site that loads JavaScript that includes or executes something you weren't anticipating.

    That's what my suggestion is aiming to mitigate, by disabling commonly exploited event hooks and methods that look like browser-level activity.

    I'd say that the era of JavaScript alerts and prompts is far passed. There are a multitude of ways to alert users and gather user input simply and elegantly through frameworks, libraries, and just good old-fashioned hand-made scripting. The alert and prompt methods should probably be entirely disabled within the tab's context and relegated to bookmarklets that have specific user authorization and the developer console—though simply using the logging functions is typically more helpful since it will let you navigate objects, variables, etc.

    The feature I'm requesting is like how app permissions work on many mobile operating systems nowadays. Apps need to request access to a privileged feature before they get carte blanche to use it. At the same time, if the user decides at any time they don't like what an app is doing, they can revoke the permissions.

    The sprawling reach of JavaScript makes this request complicated, but forcing it to a binary choice of all JavaScript or no JavaScript is part of the danger. If a user wants or needs the content of a site, they will usually disable protection because nothing loaded or the site says "We need to rummage about in your ... everything ... as compensation for this juicy little morsel we tempted you with. Allow ads, cookies, 3rd party w/e, scripts, etc. or no dice."

  • @yes-aravind I've taken to disabling that shortcut and a couple more. Disabling it while a form field has focus would be a welcome solution.

  • @sdgreene You are so right! It seems like a constant struggle to keep cookies and such off our computers from site we only occasionally visit. 🙂

  • @rokanishu To be honest, i'm going with a completely different solution atm. With my around 30 pinned tabs it's getting harder to find relevant ones. I'm now using nativefier to make my most relevant webpages "Windows Applications". This makes them available from the Taskbar, which, for me, is even more convenient.
    We're using many webbased applications at work. I'm still using the "shrinked pinned"-Solution for the rest though.

  • Install updates without closing browser . So I can keep watching Youtube

  • Disable autoplay for video and audio.
    It looks like Chrome is adding this feature in the next few months.
    There is the Disable HTML5 Autoplay extension, which I do use, but it stops embedded audio & video from working at all on a lot of sites, so I frequently have to disable and re-enable it. Not ideal.

  • Tab rows would be awesome - it's one of the main things I miss from Firefox + TabMixPlus. I've got my tabs on the bottom and I love that. But when you have a lot, it's such a natural solution to just pop another row in.

  • My personal wish is IRC client, like it had been in the old good Opera with the presto engine 🙂 If possilbe, make it as soon as possible. Thank you.
    Is somebody working on it? How for is it from a snapshot?

  • @miguel-okstein said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Install updates without closing browser

    I am not a develper, but I think this is simply impossible. What software is able to do this?

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    @burbuja Various browsers will install in the background, and then not complete the operation until the user restarts the browser. So technically, it's not installed without closing, but everything for the update is completed without interrupting user operations, and then the update is completed on browser restart.

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    @burbuja No one is working on IRC client at this time. It's a concept only.

  • @ayespy The solution is simple: The first thing everybody has to do is to update his favorite browser and resentely after the update to start to watch youtube. 😃

  • @tuexss I guess this depends on the platform you're on.

    If Vivaldi uses its own copy of Freetype it might investigate the Infinality Ultimate patches, esp. if it also uses its own fontconfig library. With Freetype+FontConfig modified that way they render fonts (much) better than Mac OS (X) does, and that should apply no matter what displaying backend is used (X11/xcb, Cocoa, Wayland, etc).

  • I'd like to see something I'd call adaptive zooming in order to be able to take back control over how webpages are rendered, possibly combined with the old feature to use only my own font selection.

    More and more webpages ignore my current window size and instead impose a CSS min-width that is sometimes much larger than some of my computers' screens (e.g. http://www.ebay.fr/itm/282432645955). That's annoying and sometimes crippling if for some reason the page doesn't allow a horizontal scrollbar. Several possibilities that I can see (not necessarily mutually exclusive):

    1. an option to instruct the browser to ignore css min-width values or limit them to the current window width
    2. a fit-to-width option like Presto-based Opera had which adjusts layout flow so that everything fits (possibly the same thing as 1?)
    3. an auto-fit zooming function like the one the "Zoom Page WE" extension provides, but which can be set as the default zoom level. This option could have several levels like those found in Adobe Acrobat's print dialog: for instance scale down only vs. scale up or down.

    Google Chrome doesn't want to implement this (https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=762851), so here's a chance to be more (power)user friendly/centric.

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    Add Version Details to Settings Updates

    ☑ Notify about Updates
    1.12.955.14 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Published on 14/09/2017

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    Add More Background Images

    Currently, one can add one custom image and edit it. One should be able to add or delete background images with buttons like there are for adding, deleting, and editing themes.

    0_1505598381894_Add More Backgrounds.png

  • @burbuja I'm proposing separate writing to screen module from browser process. It can be done with render process. This way you don't actually need to close browser to keep it up to date. There are some environments where you don't want to close the browser or you simply can't and need to stay with latest patch (specially critical ones) . Also, sometimes you need Youtube for something else than watching "despacito"

  • Add visual indicator for pinned tabs

    There is no visual distinction between pinned and unpinned tab. Please add some kind of indicator to see pinned tabs more easily. Some ideas:

    • pinned tabs are converted to squares showing only the icons and placed on the very top of the tab list (vertical tab list that is) ... (basically just like FF extension TreeStyleTab does it, see https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/files/1483692074793-treestyletab-pinned.png)
    • colorized (users can pick colors for pinned tabs in themes)
    • icon (small pictogramm on one side of a tab)
    • font change (capitalized, bold, italic, something)
    • tiny colorized bar on left or bottom side of a tab (just ~2px)

    These could be combined and should be customizable of course.

  • @gaelle Auto search engine creation and tab completion . Same functionality as Chrome (once you search something within a site, browser creates a search engine and later allows you to type site address, pres TAB and type whatever you wanna search. it appends the search engine address by itself

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