Feature requests for 1.12

  • Add "Image Properties" in Context Menu (like Opera 12) 📷
    with basic information (image type, size, dimensions...) 📷
    and EXIF information of the image (Date, Camera, Author, ISO, F number, Exposure time...)

  • Content blocker native ad blocking like firefox

  • Make the context menu more compact


  • I request a Vivaldi Quick Menu image at rightmost edge of the address bar, the menu should be a customizable subset of main menu and opened at the event image.onmouseover. For example the default could be:

    New Tab
    Close Tab
    New Window
    New Private Window

    Zoom In
    Zoom Out
    Zoom Reset

    Find in Page
    Capture >> submenu
    Save Page As...

    Save Open Tabs as Session...
    Open Saved Session...
    Clear Private Data

    Vivaldi Menu >> submenu

  • Better performance of sidebar
    The favicon dissapears in localpages on Sidepanel (webpanel) when I click over icon to open webpanel.

    alt text

  • More options in "the experimental calendar"

    Options like, delete the events in a way more easy.
    Create new event in a specific date (when i create one, the events it created in the current day, not in the specific day)
    Tags events with colors...

  • Open current page with another browser...
    (Open with context menu)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Compacted options in Speed Dial thumbnails

    Something like this... (adding a contextual menu in a corner of thumbnail)


  • Photo Resizing when uploading pictures in e-mail - or to whatever you choose

    I love Vivaldi, but there is one feature in the Slimjet Browser I would like the Vivaldi team to copy. When uploading pictures as attachments or to put right in the e-mail body, Slimjet will automatically resize the images based on settings you choose in the settings menu.

    So, lets say you set the auto resize to 1024 wide, no matter what size over that your pictures are, they all are reduced when uploading to your e-mail to 1024.

    It saves me so much time, that I've gone back to using Slimjet for my Gmail for this one feature as with my work I have to send pictures all the time.

    Please Vivaldi team - download and install Slimjet and try this feature to see what I mean - it's a massive time saver if you send pictures a lot.

    Here is a screenshot of the Photo shrinking settings box from Slimjet's settings:


    BTW, you can choose a size setting for each site that is different from the general setting.

  • Moderator

    @julioc1984 I think this is a bug rather than something that ought to be requested as a feature.

  • @Pesala
    And make it inherit the background of the speed dials.

  • - Ambassador -

    Transparency for Speed Dial Thumbnails

    0_1502397152992_Vivaldi Thumbnail.png

    While we are waiting, this can be done with custom CSS.

    .startpage .dial .thumbnail-image {
    background-color: transparent;

  • - Ambassador -

    Find Next/Previous Without Showing Toolbar

  • - Ambassador -

    Paste and Go with Middle-Click on Tab Bar

    In Opera 12.17 this setting is called

    PageBar Open URL On MiddleClick

  • Show status info in address bar as an option

    Motivation: more space for the shown website, that is usually taken by a status bar or an overlay, without the control loss of disabling the status info.

    • WebPanel
      Make the pages in the WebPanel receive notifications in the favicon. Example if I add facebook messenger and I get a message this does not notify me with the color circle and the number of notifications. That is, WebPanel favicon is not static.

  • - Ambassador -

    Add Command for Insert Note

    Equivalent to Menu Key + I

  • Accent colors for all tabs as a theme preference option

    Have all tabs, not just the active tab, displayed in their page's accent color.

    Motivation: It should make it easier to find a tab than just comparing favicon and title text (or wildly clicking around).

  • - Ambassador -

    Three-way Toggle for View Status Bar

    Show Status Bar • Show Overlay • Hide Status Bar

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