Feature requests for 1.12

  • @paul1149 Just to say that there's at least one good case for the current setup. I have about ten tabs always pinned (mail, calendar, drive, keep and a few non-google things) and ctrl-number is a simple way to get to them. I do understand that what you're suggesting is more general, but pinned tabs save space on the tab bar for things you use a lot. don't know what alt-number does (at a spot check, nothing) - perhaps that would be an alternative?

  • 🌈 Colored bookmark folders like in the Google Drive storage system. 🌈

  • More options for adjusting the Speed Dial image.
    Something like the image below ...Example

  • Option to remove history from the address bar. Currently we can remove the typed history, it would be great to remove the history as well.

  • Add the option to hibernate tabs to the right or left.

  • Add the option to reload all tabs within a guide stack.

  • The option to warn the user whenever you close (via shortcut or button) Vivaldi and you have a bunch of tabs open, with the option to customize how many tabs you have to open to warn you. Similar to Firefox but with this custom tab number option

  • Ability to sort downloads based on where you have downloaded the files from. Like how the Free Download Manager does

  • @julioc1984
    Particularly open in internet explorer (not edge). There still are devices that have managmant GUI working only in IE 😞
    All extensions (chrome) that do this require some external launcher which would be nice to avoid installing.
    I'm switching from FF (due to webextensions...) and this is a must for me.

  • Reader View feature work in all website!

    I hope Reader View feature work in all website! This feature is useful. But now, this feature doesn't work in all website. So, it is difficult to use this feature. Because I don't understand which website this feature work.

  • @JuniorSilva30 this would be redundant, you can shift-select firs and last tab and hibernate them after. Please, no more mess in context menu, its already vast.

  • @aach1 With my suggestion, you would still have your shortcuts, and you wouldn't have to keep track of tab order within stacks.

  • @paul1149 understood (I think). but I also wouldn't be able to do ctrl-1 to get my pinned mail tab, ctrl-2 to get my pinned calendar etc. - or rather I would, but it wouldn't be as straightforward. I know that not everyone uses pinned tabs, but of course I think they should...

  • @hondac It is only Chromium based browsers that don't know to save temporary files to the temporary directory. Office files, citrix, jws etc are not files you want in your download directory. This has been reported as a bug and mentioned in blog comments for literally years!

  • Two requests. I'm using Vivaldi 1.12.941.3 (Official Build) dev (64-bit) under Ubuntu 16.10.

    First, Vivaldi ignores the window decorator and puts the minimize, window, close buttons on the right side of the screen no matter what your preferences are. Please get Vivaldi to follow user preferences here. Many like those buttons on the left and setting the window decorator to do that should automatically instruct Vivaldi to do the same.

    Second, passwords should be encrypted and locked with a single password for them all. I am aware of the arguments against this and they could also be used to recommend people not use seat belts in automobiles. The solution to the possibility of a skilled hacker gaining access to your passwords eventually is NOT logic for having Vivaldi say "since you're here, have all the user's passwords, unprotected by any means." No security system is infallable. That doesn't mean we eliminate security systems.

  • Add the possibility to drag and drop from downloads.

  • @banterfacefox you can already do this by clone tab

  • @aach1 That's true. You would be opening a new tab.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    A context menu option for links - 'open link and tile it'
    This will be helpful for people who are searching and would need to go through different webpages/sites for their research purposes. They wouldn't need to leave the search page while checking if the link they just opened falls in the 'yes this is that one' category. I think this is a time-saver.

  • Add the function of this extension, which unfortunately does not work with Vivaldi.
    It puts a link on hold, the page only loads when you go to the tab. - Open link in new discarded tab

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