Feature requests for 1.12

  • Add an optional prompt for closing multiple tabs.

    Because I have many tabs open at once, I've turned off the close tab button, to avoid accidentally closing individual tabs when clicking them. But when I right-click and Close Tab, the option for "Close Other Tabs" is right below that. And since there's no prompt, I've accidentally closed all my other tabs several times. I can get them back from the Trash, but it's a hassle when I had a decent number of tabs open.

    If the feature was added, it would need to be an optional feature that you could disable/enable from the tab settings.

  • On touch screens, enable two swipes (not mouse gestures): swipe right on a page to go Back (in history). Swipe left to go Forward. This is one of the neat features in Edge. Of course it should be an option, there may be other things that these two swipes could do (e.g. switch between tabs).

  • Make it easier to show/hide static tab previews.
    Current method of displaying the static tab previews is pretty clunky (at least on a pen system) - you have to be pretty precise about placing the pointer on the border of the tab row, and ditto when shrinking it back down again; and then you have to drag until it's minimized (as far as I can see), which feels uncertain. It would be good to have an option - next to the "+" add a tab button, have a "^" to show tab previews. Once shown, make it "v" or something, to shrink back down.

    ...and following a chat from @Pesala (thanks) I should clarify - this applies to pen based systems (e.g. Surface) - on those, a double tap on the tab border is REALLY tricky to pull off...

  • Ability to switch profile like what Chrome did.

    I'm currently using Chrome solely for its profile switching feature, so I can separate personal and work account/ bookmarks/ saved passwords.

  • Please add more options to select for "Background Image Options".

    Right now we only have "Scale to Fit" and "Repeat" options and with a vast array of different background images, some new options such as the ones Windows 10 delivers would be really helpful...

  • Ability to move images also/or with left-click instead of middle-click because it's more convenient and intuitive (my dears) 😃

  • [while having tabbar on the side] Option to move /new tab/ and /trash/ buttons to different location (could be placed in the row next to the extensions? or to the window titlebar to the right? Or make it display on top of the tabbar in the fixed section in one row? which could also include other buttons like "new private tab" 😉

    currently it takes space of almost 3 tabs, which is kinda annoying...

  • Add some shortcut key for searching.
    e.g. C-n for next-match, C-p for previous-match.

  • Wish for improvement of the search in page.
    If the searching feature functions differently
    from other browser would be Impressed and Perfect.
    Advanced search is really a killing feature.
    With fuzzy-matching and regex-matching is Excellent.

    e.g. Basically, like this.
    Swiper, a searching extension for Emacs.
    alt text

    here is the github url https://github.com/abo-abo/swiper

  • Show/Hide tick box for Top Domain sites in History
    If you make use of cloud services, e.g. google apps, your history is pretty much dominated by a few sites (docs.google, drive.google etc.). It would be good, in the small "Top domains" panel, to have a tick box next to each site, so that by un-ticking them you could not include all those common places and thus see the more uncommon things you might actually be looking for.

  • Moderator

    They already exist: F3 and Shift F3.

  • @Pesala Nice ,i found it.

  • Ability to sort search engines either by Description and Nickname. With list of 30+ engines, list is mess and it becomes hard to find the right one to edit it when necessary, or to check whats the nickname of page you are looking for...


  • Moderator

    @Pesala said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Sort Search Engines in Settings

  • super drag or drag and go,feature

    Like this posts:

    Click and drag link or text(selected) anywhere in the page area to open it automatically in background.Extensions are usually unstable.This should be a system function.
    Super drag use left click,not right,not mouse gesture.
    Extensions "smartup" does not work on the snapshot 1.12.936.3.

  • Hey folks! About my proposal to color tabs edges & stuff, i added few more screenshot at my old post ---> here

  • "Containers" so tabs can optionally use separate local storage for cookies, etc. like Firefox's https://testpilot.firefox.com/experiments/containers/ and like https://ghostbrowser.com/

    Handy for power users, especially developers who might want one tab to be a website with them logged in and the next tab to be the same site not logged in.

  • FEATURE REQUEST: Anonymize browser fingerprint.

    Would be awesome if the browser passed the following test especially in terms of fingerprinting: https://panopticlick.eff.org


  • @sagesheep This is quite tricky to protect against because some of what is fingerprinted is not actually up to the browser. E.g. the screen size. The user agent on the other hand is up to the browser, but it is (for better or worse) necessary in order to inform website that your web browser is actually capable of viewing the site.

    It would be interesting to see if some of the less necessary bits could be made more common though, such as the object hashes and reducing the reporting of fonts and plugins installed.

    Also, I notice that vivaldi is reporting that I have flash installed, which I do - but I have set it to be blocked on this particular site. I would have expected that a blocked plugin would not be reported.

  • Support for Speed Dial Thumbnail Packs

    Currently, if a user wants to share icons with someone else, they have to upload a zip, and then a user has to manually specify the thumbnails for each and every dial. I would find it more interesting if there was some way of "applying" a speed dial thumbnail pack.

    E.g. It's a zip folder, and the thumbnails are named like "vivaldi.net.png" or something similar. Then, when the zip folder is "applied", the speed dial thumbs are automatically set with the associated image.


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