Feature requests for 1.12

  • @luetage hi, for the moment I found this if it can help

  • @Marko-Indaco Yeah, exactly, I've been using it for a while. I want that built into Vivaldi as webpanel :D
    Before Vivaldi existed I suggested this in the opera 15+ forums too, but it never happened.

  • (for windows version) make possible, while the browser is maximized, to move tabs into new window dragging them inside the frame.

  • Would be nice something to better highlight the tabs. The background of tabs it's too dark and it's difficult to distinguish from the background (It become nice when you move the point over, cause it turns into a light gray. In that way you can easily distinguish tabs edges). I edit some screenshot for fun, enjoy! :grin:

    0_1502557269401_Vivaldi Forum - colored tabs (curved angle).png

    0_1502557296016_Vivaldi Forum - colored tabs (green dots).png

    0_1502557307539_Vivaldi Forum - colored tabs (title highlighted).png

    0_1502557320889_Vivaldi Forum - Tab Group (group title).png

    0_1502558532809_Vivaldi Forum - Tabs (light gray).png

    Updating (August 21, 2017)

    0_1503319721203_Vivaldi Forum - Tabs edges (simple).png

    0_1503319748942_Vivaldi Forum - Tabs edges (background - black).png

    0_1503319755357_Vivaldi Forum - Tabs edges (background - red).png

  • Add the option to organize the Web panels (display by name, date, etc.) or, the option to drag them to a user's own organization. Friend's suggestion @Tchelows . :)

  • Moderator

    @Nlope This is just a subset of an earlier request to be able to move UI elements.

    @D0J0P said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Moving panel buttons would be great too,

    Opera 12.17 is great at this. Just hold down the shift key to drag buttons around instead of using the full customise appearance dialogue.

  • @Pesala said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    @Nlope This is just a subset of an earlier request to be able to move UI elements.

    Does it cost to reinforce the application or cost?

  • @Regnas
    With the unit/currency/date converter as well.

  • @Pesanur said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Option to prevent websites for changing the scrollbar
    A weird feature of Chromiun is that it allows websites to replace the standard scrollbar with a custom one. And option to change this behaviour and shows always the standard scrollbar can be welcomed.

    Actually I don't want scrollbar at all, but that's a long story... :)

  • adblocker incorporato? grazie dell attenzione..

  • Keyboard shortcuts > View > Status Bar
    Make it cycling through all (current) options including "Show Status Info Overlay".
    Currently, it's only toggling between Hide and Show, which is sort of useless when "Show Status Info Overlay" is the config used mainly, but sometimes the bar is needed (for the functions only accessible from there).


  • Personal News Page inside Panels. As Opera has now.
    Would mean a lot if several chosen sources coud have same size thumbnail and preview text, more uniform, more personal as word mean it.

  • Put in the address bar the same drop down menu that we can find in the search box to select the search engine.

  • Customizable Right Click menu

  • Old Opera bookmark layout

  • Block all pop-up (old Opera 12) regardless it is ad or not but show a notice that the ad is blocked and user can view that blocked pop-up by click on the notice

  • "Find in page" as pseudo search engine for Search Bar

    The 'Find in page' feature from the Edit menu should also be surfaced as a 'pseudo search engine' which can be added to the list of search engines in the drop-down at the left of the Search bar. This would enable moving from a web search to searching for the same term within the results without having to retype the term. It would also (arguably) make the 'find in page' feature more discoverable, plus it would integrate 'find in page' search terms in the search history.

    This basic idea could be extended with other 'pseudo search engines', for example 'find in all open tabs'.

    The suggestion would automatically be fully customisable since 'pseudo search engines' could be added and removed in the same way as real ones.

    I did raise this suggestion before for 1.11 but wanted to ensure it remains visible as it seems an easy and obvious win. As a process suggestion, why are these feature request topics version specific? it is your business not ours which version if any a feature goes into and if we make a suggestion we want it either to be rejected or to enter a prioritisation queue for a future version without being lost if it does not get into the next version.

  • @gaelle
    It'd be great to be able to move rarely used extension's icons to the bottom status bar (and the side panel) to save some space on the main extensions bar.

    I know that they can be hidden, but I think I'm not the only one who has some extensions that only need to be accessed once in a while (which makes hiding them completely rather inconvenient).

  • Redesign menu box in Vivaldi

  • The feature to drag and drop tabs really needs some improvements, in my opinion.
    It should be possible to drag a tab in a new window, even when you're browsing in fullscreen, which can be done in Chrome.

    Also, I use Chrome's feature to drag words into the URL field to make an instant google search A LOT, because it's really convenient. In Vivaldi, I have to drag the word to the search bar and press Enter on the keyboard, which is ok, but if you're mostly using the mouse, it's kind of a problem.

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