Feature requests for 1.12

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    Enable Show Toolbar Shortcuts for Fullscreen

    Currently, if you use shortcuts to show/hide address bar, status bar, bookmark bar, or panels in fullscreen mode they do nothing, but the effect is seen on exiting fullscreen. This is a bug (which I reported), but it would be better to show the toolbars (and Panels) in fullscreen mode.

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    Match Accents Checkbox for Find Toolbar

    In Opera 12.17 find in page will only find accented characters that are typed. Vivaldi ignores accents, which is often more useful, but sometimes not.

  • FEATURE REQUEST: Drag text to the tab bar area (or even on the same tab) to search

    When done so, it should open a new tab and do a search with my current selected search engine. Every Chromium browser variant I tried has this feature but Vivaldi.


    alt text

    alt text

    Very handy, I use it all the time... 🙂
    Actually that's the main feature I'm waiting to fully jump into Vivaldi... 🙂

  • I would still Like

    Native User agent switcher

    Vivaldi has many issues with certain DRM video Content the solution has been to change the user agent string I myself dont feel comfortable manually altering it for fear of a mistake but i also dont trust a 3rd party to do this with each version the browser itself improves greatly but this remains a nagging issue with streaming services even with Vivaldi's latest round of media fixes many sites still do not work
    even though the team has now been made fully aware of the issues and are working hard to fix the issues there are still 100+ media related issues to resolved so until they are all addressed

    I propose
    the addition of a built in solution that would allow users to seamlessly switch agents without the need for manual changes or 3rd party extensions

  • @D0J0P I second this.

    I was just about to post a Feature Request topic in the All Platforms category until I decided to follow your profile from Prototype - Vertical list tab cycler

  • Duplicate post

  • @bchang02 Thanks for the support! If we get enough attention and upvotes on this, then we can hopefully see our beloved O12 vertical list tab cycler reborn in Vivaldi.

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    @Regnas said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Every Chromium browser variant I tried has this feature but Vivaldi.

    Vivaldi does not really need it because it has the Search with context menu. Dragging text to the tab bar seems like a waste of effort to me. Dropping it on the page should probably open the search in the current tab.

    0_1502430503438_Search With Context Menu.png

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    Don't Sort Search With Menu by Last Used

    Previous versions did not sort the search with submenu. Now that the last used engine is moved to the top it is less ergonomic than it was before with them in the user's chosen order.

    0_1502430668519_Search With Context Menu.png

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    Sort Search Engines in Settings

    One can manually sort Search Engines in settings by deleting engines and adding them again, but it would be a lot easier to have buttons to move them up or down in the list so that users can sort them alphabetically, or in any desired order.

    0_1502430820027_Search Engines.png

  • @Pesala

    I don't really understand the meaning of the message, but I discovered this functionnality just few days ago and I like it ; I understand this can not be appreciate so much I do, specially for keyboard users, that's why it should be an option. Showing it in option could take it in foreground because knowing this basic feature is never suggested by the program whereas it is a common and ergonomic way to get back or to get the next tab and this is often a case : when an expected link makes you open it in a new tab to see it whereas you keep the original page to come back after reading the disgression page : this mousecontrolled tab cycler appears like a good way to come back to the original page. I make suggestions to improve it :

    • Better information of this basic feature

    • Locating the tab cycler window according to the mouse coordinates in this special tab cycler calling : so far this remembers that is your mouse which trigs it, this is like an extension of the mouse

  • Add command via Right-click Popup Menu into Extension Toggle Button

    Including some Extensity extension functions into the Popup Menu:

    1. Listing all installed extensions, disable/enable each with a single click.

    2. Profiles/grouping extension to be switch ON/OFF in batch.

    3. Command to disabled/enable ALL extension at once.

  • @Nekomajin yes, but not when toggling using the menu or hotkey. I want overlay, only way is to go to settings first.

  • DROPDOWN for long list of extension icons along the address bar

    0_1502443268955_2017-08-11 17_05_53-Photos.png

  • @Stardust it's already working, tried on 2 computers: 1.11.917.35 (Official Build) (32-bit).
    Edit: Only when tabs are on left/right/bottom, not top, it seems.

  • @ugly works already: 1.11.917.35 (Official Build) (32-bit).
    Edit: Only when tabs are on left/right/bottom, not top, it seems.

  • Quick Closing Tabs by SHIFT+CLICK on tab (left mouse click) - much needed feature

    • Available in classic and today's Opera browsers
    • Super useful for DE-CLUTTERING tabs quickly
    • Takes single click (vs double clicks) to effectively close out even when there are many, many "tiny" Tabs opened
    • Quicker than Pointing accurately on "x" button to close out the Tab
    • Quicker and more intuitive than Ctrl+W


  • Tab-specific MOBILE VIEW (user agent) for the Page

  • Moving Tab Cycler window according to the mouse coordinates

    When you call the Tab Cycler window by mouse (holding right button and rotating mousewheel), and only in this case (you can also call it from keyboard), it would be more souple and ergonomic if this window is not centered but preferably has its position according to the mouse coordinates when the right button pressure is done :

    • It has to become an extension of mouse accessible parameters
    • This remembers that the window has been called by mouse, avoiding to loose the mind searching why this special window has just appeared, specialy for beginning users
    • This keeps reading focus on the page window and not makes you to readapt your mind on the main vivaldi's interface
    • Easy for mouse users to get the previous tab or the next one : specialy for browsing with opened tab by disgression link into the previous tab

    Before :
    After :

    Make an option in mouse setting panel with a checkbox for this feature :

    • it makes visible this basic feature for getting to be known
    • keyboard users can desactivate it

  • @Pesala
    It is a very handy feature in other browsers. Works similar to dragging a link to the tab bar. The one have mentioned is much more inconvenient.

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