How to get the old V icon back?

  • How to get the old V icon back?


  • @Gwen-Dragon I'm pretty sure you can change this with a simple css mod too. I don't have windows or linux to try this, but you just hide the image and put your own one in place. There are a million ways to hide/replace an image with css. Just gotta find the one that works best.

  • You can use this to hide the new button

    #browser.tabs-top .vivaldi svg,
    #browser.tabs-left .vivaldi svg,
    #browser.tabs-right .vivaldi svg,
    #browser.maximized .vivaldi svg {
        display: none;

    This will draw the button you make in the space. Make sure you match the height and width with the size of your image. You can embed the image or point to an absolute location, I'll use the resource folder as an example. I'll also add a hover effect and some spacing that you can play around with

    .vivaldi {        
        background-image: url(/resources/oldVbutton.png);
        height: 32px !important;
        width: 46px !important;
        margin-top: 3px;
        left: 1px;
        opacity: .5;
    .vivaldi:hover {
        background-color:  var(--colorHighlightBg) !important;
        border-radius: 0;
        opacity: .7 !important;

  • @sjudenim If you put the icon into the resources folder it gets lost after each update. Might be better to just use a data URI image in the code. One less thing you gotta take care of.


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