Profile Location Problem (start pinned Vivaldi)

  • Hello - I just installed Vivaldi 1.11.917.39. This version seems to make the Profile location problem worse. When I click on the Vivaldi icon from my desktop I get the correct profile location as displayed in the About screen (I have it set for f:\vivaldi\default). But if I pin the running version to the win10-64 icon bar, then close Vivaldi, then open from the icon bar, the profile location changes to the default location of:
    C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default

    Also when I click on the icon bar version, it opens another instance of Vivaldi on the icon bar. This happened in the previous version but somehow I was able to fix it. With this version I cannot prevent the 2nd instance. Is this a Vivaldi problem or a win10 problem?

  • Here's an update. If I unpin the previous icon from the icon bar, then copy/drag the desktop icon to the icon area, then the Profile Path stays to F: as its supposed to. The previous time when it failed, I was right-click pinning the running version of Vivaldi.

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    I can confirm it on Windows 10 with a pinned version which uses a different path (in a desktop shortcut).

    Reported as bug VB-30831 "Pinned Vivaldi ignores command line user-data-dir from desktop shortcut"

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    Pinning is broken, strange.

    But if you drag such desktop shortcut (with a profile path setting) to taskbar, the new path is used.

  • This used to occur a lot in early Vivaldi versions, particularly on a Win7 system I was then using. It had to do with how the OS maintained its list of paths associated with the various pinned icons. The listings were somehow indexed by program name and the associated file paths were not being updated properly in the list when a change to file path via a program update had occurred for an existing pinned name... it persisted in preserving the original listed path.

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