Update error

  • Error while trying update Vivaldi ( ver 1.7 etc)

    When I run as update it says I have no rights to write to folder. If I run setup file it finds previous install in my PF (not PFx86) and says it is "Per user". When I set type of install as "For all" it change destination folder to PFx86, if I change folder - it changes type to "Per user".
    When I run setup and press Next Next Next it does not ask for rights elevation - just "no rights to write"
    Trying to completely uninstall / clean - nothing happens (uninstall in Control Panel do nothing, just entry disappear, no folder / registry entry delete, so tried to uninstall manually)

    It happens when tried to update 1.7 -> 1.8 -> 1.9 -> 1.11 (as they released, not all in one time)
    Windows 10 Pro.

    I have second Win10(ent) - no problem (rights evelation / folder / type of install selection)


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