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    @Koolio said in Vivaldi 1.11 – Focus on accessibility:

    its annoying as f**** please fix.

    Do not hold the MMB, that is the workaround now.

  • Thanks for the update. I actually think the old icon looked much more modern (this one looks less clean, and a bit tacky imo.) but the people getting all up in arms over it..... What hahah. At least you didn't change the color.

    I am still waiting desperately for bookmark tagging. It is all i need to be able to fully and 100% love this browser. Please vote on this if you are also interest, or click the link if you want to read my thoughts on why I would like this feature.

    Also I have noticed since the update I have a bug where the flashing | when typing is missing in a lot of places. Makes posting comments a bit disorientating haha.

  • Any idea when the front page/ home page will get actual working icons/ gravatars / falviconsike in Opera?
    Seems silly to load a page just to see what is effect a bookmark.
    Keep waiting - "the add your own feature" seems sort of silly - but welcome?
    Gives some hope - maybe someday???


  • Yet another release and the bug which has been reported and which I brought to the attention twice, hasn't been fixed. Need I yell it ? :anguished:

    Fix the smaller bugs before diving into things such as accessibility.

  • @Sparrows you can always ask for your money back. Jokes aside, seriously, you have posted 2 months ago about this problem
    and @pesala made a bug report for it. There are way more older bugreports that are still in the queue and yet to be fixed. It's not that Vivaldi is not doing anything. They even released new bugfixes in the summer time instead of going to the beach.

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    @Sparrows There are several thousand reported bugs. Which is your pet one? It is famous? Does it have its own YouTube channel?

  • @iAN-CooG That may be a small bug to fix yet it's over looked. I guess because it doesn't have a thousand people banging the drums about it, it doesn't get fixed.

  • @Ayespy Should it have it's own YouTube channel ?

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    @Sparrows I think you're missing the point. A sense of proportion is needed.

    With the small team available to both make new progress and fix old bugs, with the continual flood of changes in the underlying browser engine (Chromium) that creates new bugs with every release, with the thousands of existing bugs and the fifty to hundred bugs reported every single day (31 so far today, and there are many hours left in the day); it is unreasonable to expect any bug to be addressed within any particular time frame. You cannot assume any is major or minor, or easy or difficult to fix. You just have to report bugs as you find them, and then let the team do their best work every day, and wait for progress.

    A single bug can take one developer all day, every day for multiple weeks to diagnose and fix. One such fix was just updated into the Stable version.

    Bugs that kill everyone's browser experience and make the browser unusable for hundreds of thousands of users, of course receive first and fullest attention and, even when hard to fix, may get slain before "simple" ones are looked at. That would be a bug that is so important that it, figuratively, "has its own YourTube channel." Everyone is paying attention to it.

  • @Ayespy I can only hope that that this bug ( gets squashed in the next release of Vivaldi.

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    @Sparrows Hope springs eternal... :slight_smile:

  • Wow. Vivaldi is possibly and most probably the most sensible user-centric web browser I have ever seen. You take a no-compromise approach at giving the power and options to the end-user, which is how the Internet has been originally designed and how things should ideally be. I am blown away. Thank you.

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    @loloyd A lot of us see it that way. Glad you noticed! And to think it's probably only 50% of the way toward its ultimate user-centric goals...

  • I only use two clear-web browsers, Opera, and Neo-Opera! :) So in effect, I really never left Opera as my main browser!

  • I just downloaded 1.11, and my custom theme is messed up. The font color of the menu text and the words on the tabs is now white instead of black. I can't get it to change back to black. I can't make that edit to my custom theme, and I also can't start over with an included theme and redo it. No matter what I do, it insists on making the font color white. Can you help me?

  • @inclement The 2nd colour selector controls the text colour. Are you able to change that to black (#000000), or does it just revert back to white (#FFFFFF)?

  • @lonm Thank you for answering so quickly!

    The second color selector ("Foreground") is currently and always has been set to #000000. It's just that after I upgraded, it doesn't appear as black in the browser, it appears as white.

    Here's a screen clip, simultaneously showing the settings and the displayed color.


  • @lonm Did I goof up replying and mess up this thread?? Sorry...:frowning2:

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    @inclement Are you trying to say there's white text on a white background there? I appear to be clearly seeing black text (#000000). It you're talking about the text on the tabs, that appears to be a contrast judgment that Vivaldi makes. It will not allow you to have black text on a background that it thinks is too dark, and so it reverses it.

    My setup does the same thing. It shows all foreground markings and text as black (#000000) except on my tabs, which are a dark color (#407630), and on those, it shows text as white. (Except the active tab, which is white, and so the text is black).

  • @ayespy He's referring to the "Vivaldi menu text" and "tab title text"

    Could this be related to the "Apply Accent Colour To Window" setting which affects the squircle as explained :-

    @atlemo said in Vivaldi 1.11 – Focus on accessibility:

    @tbgbe: Themes using Apply Accent Color to Window will get a monochrome version of the icon, in this case black (changes to white depending on luminecense). This is to make sure it's legible for all the possible background colors.

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