www.benimicinode.com on snapshot 1.11

  • About one week ago (08/01/2017), when snapshot 1.11 opened on Windows 10 Version 1703, a second tab opened with this url. I searched on the web for solutions, but found no free solutions. I even tried fixing this by adding the malware's website to "hosts" and sending to No good.

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    You got malware from a Chrome extension of other installed software.

    Go on a non-infected PC and download free Malwarebytes Antimalware, copy it on a CD and scan the infected one.

  • @moveback Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry I am replying so late; because I've had several other problems with Windows 10 Version 1703. I subsequently ran Windows Reset and the malware as well as all of my installed apps were deleted. So, as of now the malware is gone; but I am going to do what you suggested and burn a CD of Malwarebytes just to prepare for any other possible malware.


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