Vivaldi is too slow

  • Hello, everyone!

    I'm using vivaldi on linux and on windows 10 at the same time. On linux I don't have any problem with the browser. But on windows I noticed that the browser is too slow when I try to load pages for the first time. How can I solve the problem?

    Thank you.

  • Moderator

    May be problems with IPv4 and IPv6 routes to DNS server of you provider?
    Perhaps anti-virus slow down?

  • I use only microsoft defender on my windows. How to fix problems with IPv4 or IPv6 in this case?

  • @karaivanska
    Hi, I also noticed Vivaldi getting slower and slower to display pages. (Not sure if it was because of the autoupdates that happen time to time).

    Today it was almost unusable and other browsers Edge ,IE, Maxthon, Chrome... had no problems so I decided I had to try something, anything ... or stop using it.

    I downloaded latest setup and installed it over my current version ... and ...

    TADA !!!! Vivaldi is lightning fast again !

    Hope it helps as it worked for me.


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