Snapshot 1.11.917.35 leaves vivaldi unusable

  • After doing a blank install of snapshot 1.11.917.35 without any extensions everything is fine. As soon as a bookmarkfile (143K) is imported the change to a new site in a new tab takes ages (name resolution ?), When the site is displayed browsing within the site is good. But as soon as you choose another bookmark there is that extreme delay again.

    Also the program start of Vivaldi is extremely delayed after the bookmark file was imported.

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    @souppunch How big is this bookmark file?

  • as I said 143k - the browser version is the 64bit one.

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    @souppunch Sorry - I should take more time to read. My bookmarks file is twelve times that large, and I experience no slowing at all. I presume you're on a fairly modern system?

    And what sort of security software do you run?

  • rem: using standalone installation

    Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
    Intel Core i5 4570S @ 2.90GHz 45 °C
    Haswell 22nm Technology
    16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 800MHz (9-9-9-24)
    MSI H97M-G43(MS-7924) (SOCKET 0) 38 °C
    Intel HD Graphics 4600 (MSI)
    223GB TOSHIBA-TR150 (SSD) 34 °C

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    @souppunch Mine is standalone as well, and you have a stronger system than I do - if decidedly less SSD space.

    What about security software?

  • @Ayespy Trend Micro Internet Security 11.1
    but with the previous snashot fully ok

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    @souppunch There are numerous reports of more than one security software "holding and inspecting" Vivaldi files when Vivaldi tries to execute, and only since the last couple of Snapshot updates. Apparently, though they were fine with it before, they are suddenly suspicious of it since Vivaldi intook the most recent Chromium update. In your case, I wonder if the change in the Bookmarks file has not created an unacceptable profile for Trend Micro that the plain browser itself did not present.

    Unfortunately, in none of these cases did disabling the security software provide any relief. It was only fixed by uninstalling the security software and/or changing brands. So far, all of these reports involved Avast! or AVG. But both of these have a lot more users than does Trend Micro. I hesitate to suggest anything, but I'm letting you know what we've seen.

  • @Ayespy seems you're right - disabling accelerates response time tremdously. You can add Trend to your list 🙂 thx!
    Will try the AV solution first next time.

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