Middle Mouse Scroll Highlights Page Information

  • Not sure if it has been already posted, but when using the Middle mouse click to scroll down a page it will highlight the text and information on the page. Its been this way even since a few updates ago when I believe the chromium version was updated and mouse gestures were doing it too. This wasn't fixed in the update that came after when they fixed mouse gestures. Not sure what I could give to help resolve the problem, but here is what versions I'm currently using

    Vivaldi: 1.11.917.35 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Revision: 161e1fce0e1b4aa6e95de8aa8b0e5cbc11cd8e8b-
    OS: Windows
    JavaScript: V8

  • @Soggy_Piggy
    Yes this bug was already reported so we just need to play the patience game ; )


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