Desktop Notifications - click to navigate?

  • Long-time Chrome user finally giving it the boot.
    I'm using Slack, and I do have desktop notifications working - when a new message comes in, a little thing pops up in the corner of the screen to let me know.

    With Chrome, I can click on that popup to open and focus the Slack tab. Clicking the notification for Vivaldi doesn't do anything at all.

    Is this a known issue / is there a setting I messed up?

    The only oddity I've noticed so far in my setup is that Windows won't let me pick a default browser anymore (it displays the options, but selecting them just closes the selection window and does not actually set them as the default browser)

    • update: Windows has allowed me to set a default browser, but clicking the notification is still a nothing

  • Moderator

    This feature is missing in Vivaldi.
    Disturbing if using Slack in a team. You can see someone wants to talk but cant jump to it. 😞

    I guess the feature/bug is already reported. I will inspect.


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