Feature Request: Most Used websites added to Speed Dial

  • This is the one remaining feature I miss from Firefox. I don't really want to manage bookmarks anymore, and what Firefox was really good at is that instead of a speed dial of bookmarks, it simply showed you all your most visited websites. Those are the ones I'd want there anyway, right? I'd like an option to use something like that instead of (or in addition to) the bookmark style speed dial.

  • uhm, that's exactly the reason I hate firefox "speed dial", it doesn't allow me to set my favs and instead shows just the last visited ones, changing every time. Not the most visited ones.

  • @iAN-CooG "I don't use this option, therefore no one should have this option."

  • Moderator

    Speed Dial would be slower to use if the order of the thumbnails changed based on the number of times a site was visited. Users rely on knowing where thumbnails are in the grid.

    Other users are entitled to state their opinion, as long as they remain polite.

    Post in the Feature Requests thread if you want to request something and see if others support your request.

  • @clarinetJWD I never said that. The more option, the better. Surely I prefer to set myself, once for all, my favs, without letting a program decide for me what's my favourite site.


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