Vivaldi 1.11RC2 – Vivaldi browser Snapshot 1.11.917.35

  • Moderator

    @mariap said:

    Today we roll out the second release candidate for 1.11 stable with some key improvements.


    • [Mac] Media crash (VB-29267)
    • [Regression] Favicons for old custom searches may not show after migration (VB-30709)
    • [Regression] Tab cycle in recent order (VB-30614)
    • Devtools shortcuts are conflicting with Vivaldi ones (VB-27893)
    • Search item with modified nickname is duplicated on migration/upgrade (VB-30618)
    • Search nicknames should be lowercase (VB-30642)
    • Setting for GIF animation does not persist between sessions (VB-30098)
    • Squircle icon for fallback favicon (VB-29965)
    • Slow Facebook audio (VB-30746)
    • Updated translations
    • Updated Chromium to 60.0.3112.91


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