How to back up / import passwords?

  • So how would one go about backing up and importing passwords with Vivaldi? I know with Opera that, besides Opera Sync, you also had wand.dat which contained all the information, but Vivaldi doesn't yet seem capable of reading that from Opera 12 or just wasn't doing so when I tried, so I've been doing things manually. That said I make changes to my desktop installation frequently that I want to port over to my tablet, and though I was able to preserve the settings by doing a straight copy of Vivaldi's files from %appdata% passwords didn't come with. So knowing how to make that transfer would be handy until we get Vivaldi Sync.

  • Is anybody going to answer this?


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    You cant port Vivaldi login database to other devices or to an other Windows/Linux/Mac account.
    Becuse of encryption of these logins the encryption key is bound to the system (account and hardware or keyring) on which the logins were created.
    That issue is not a Vivaldi-only but Chromium based issue and seems to be a strange security feature.
    Yes, ugly, but cant be changed.

    Use a external passwordmanager like Keepass2 with chromeIPass extension.

    Use the login database with Vivaldi in old account were it worked and send login data to Keepass2 by chromeipass.
    The KeePass2 database can be secured with a own key and is not bound to account or hardware.

    May be in some near future there will be a personal Sync of all Vivaldi data. But this needs a worldwide accessable serverfarm infrastructure which is not available at this time.
    In Opera we waited for Sync for years to get it working.
    The browser has to be get stable until a Sync feature will be go into public.

  • Thank you That's what I needed to know.


  • I have a nice button in O12, which shows me the password in clear text if I login. In a far away future can this be done with vivaldi also or is this technically not possible?


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