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  • People with a decent sense for discretion know that it is not really a good idea to store passwords in a browser.
    OK, I have PINs as a separate password manager for "sensitive" passwords (like banking access).
    Still, I am using the built-in password manager of Vivaldi (and before that Opera) for all sorts of less sensitive passwords (like e.g. for shopping sites), because I don't like to spam my PINs-file with rubbish passwords.
    This is working fine (although I do understand why some people get annoyed with the fully automatic form-filling of V.; I would prefer some semi-automatics, too, e.g. like it was with Wand in Opera).
    However, when you have some 100 passwords in the V.-password manager and you want to change, it really sucks. There is no editing, you can only delete an entry and create a new one. Apart from that, it is taking ages to find an entry in such a long list.
    Is there anything in the pipe to make this pw-mgr a little more user-friendly and professional?

  • Hi, you can copy/paste vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#pass
    to address field and get the Chromium setup.

    Cheers, mib

  • nope, the suggestion with vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#pass does not work at all;
    I get an error message that the file does not exist;
    apart from that I know that I can open the password section of the settings somehow in a separate window, but that does not make things better, because: there is no decent way to edit (e.g. sort) the load of entries.

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    Some internal links have changed.

    Try chrome://settings/?search=pass
    or chrome://settings/passwords

  • @gwen-dragon said in Password Manager Capabilities:


    yep, I know that the link was wrong; I already got there, but as described, useful editing is s. th. different.

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    You can use old Vivaldi 1.11 to export/import as CSV file. See my article.

    But if you want to have a password manager i suggest KeePass ruinning as external program and ability to send login data in Vivaldi browser.

  • @gwen-dragon
    nope, it does not make any sense to reinstall some old version just to have that import/export function working and therefore some other stuff probably not;
    as described before, I DO have a password manager (not KeePass but similar) for sensitive passwords; that is no substitute for a browser-included pw-manager, where I have dozens of non-sensitive passwords stored (e.g. for online shops that I visit only once in three years).


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