Can't go to page 2 or any other pages in the community.

  • I am on page one and just posted "Program won't run" as a topic. I wanted to read the other topics so I click on the 2 at the bottom of the page, it goes to page 2 and it keeps coming back to page one? I click on page 3 and it goes to page 3 but then jumps back to page 1? This browser is funky. I am reading this in Firefox.

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    @keithmj I think clearing cookies fixes it. Not sure why.

  • Clearing cookies did not work. Still can't go to page 2. Or past page 1 at all. This childboard appears broken.
    Snapshot childboard is fine. Not this one.

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    @Para-Noid Weird. I had that problem once and could advance by entering the page number I wanted in the address bar, but I have not seen it happen again. Would you be so kind as to file a bug report?

    (And also, you might see if clearing cache helps. But I'm going to ping one of the forum developers.)

  • I tried in some subforums with lots of pages like
    and many times when clicking on the page numbers, you briefly go to that page but suddenly the page gets back to 1 and scrolls in the middle;
    if I force the page number in the address bar it stays there, and at that point also by clicking the page number in the list below.

  • @iAN-CooG That's true, and the behaviour is very erratic and unpredictable. Only reloading the site sometimes fixes it, or navigating away from a subforum and back again. Clearing cookies doesn't seem to help. My Vivaldi Forum cookies are cleared when I leave the browser, and the bug sometimes happens right after I visit the site for the "first" time.

  • @Ayespy Tried that yesterday...nothing. Today is a different fine now. Must have been a forum hiccup.

  • I've had the problem intermittently for months now on different VIvaldi versions and different computers. It comes and goes in spells that last from hours to days, then it clears up for similar periods. Just when it seems to be gone for good, up it pops as a problem. Right now, it's working correctly (at the moment); yesterday it wasn't.

    Just when I think a certain 'fix' clears it, if fails to do so - or at best, doesn't work for very long (clearing cookies, exiting the site and revisiting, restarting the browser, etc). Any more, while it occurs, I simply navigate by editing the last digit in the URL to the page number I want and clicking Enter.


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