My Vivaldi Experience

  • Recently, my Java has been picking up more pace. Its been the only language I've been writing, thanks to play framework and all other goodies* that comes with Java EE and JSRs and to the special one intelliJ. However, despite increasing my RAM, chrome is still hell bent on ruining this perfect picture. Firefox don't even get me started on that. For some crazy reasons , chrome gets into a read lock and continues to access my system's hard disk till it cripples the entire system. At this point i cant even do a service reload or restart since i can't do any other thing than forcefully shutdown. I read like a month ago about vivaldi and i thought to myself , really who needs another browser. But given that this was a project being pushed by one of the co-founders of the legendary Opera browser, I said lets see how this goes. But of course chrome struck again this night and I said you know what i need to change something. Checked Vivaldi, saw it was being powered by Node.js , I was like here we go again. But my bias was soon laid to rest as this browser is blazing fast, responsive and doesn't kill my disk. Its different in its own way but hey, it lets me focus on whats really important my work. As developers, we really need to understand the needs of those we are creating the product for. Thanks Vivaldi - stay slim, fast and responsive.


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