Email Confirmation

  • Hello, I had to create a second account, i tried to create my first account and never receive a email confirmation and when i tried to "forgot password" i got a message that i'm banned. Cheers!

  • Kind of the wrong forum, and you may also want to tell them your old username.

  • The same thing happened to me when I sign up yesterday. I send a Facebook message asking for it to be forwarded to the Forum team to manually resend the Activation email. That email arrived this morning but it did not work. The activation link took me to the domain Dvorak.viv.ext.

    In the end, I registered a new account to get to the activation page, manually swap out the USERID, reloaded the page and paste my original Activation code in. All that works just to register for the forum made me feel like Vivaldi is trying to keep the N00b out. 😃

    Please fix up the forum display on mobile. I'm using the latest Android Chrome Beta and the bottom of the page is a mess.

  • Hi, ditto again. First activation email vanished but tried another account and it worked.

    Is this monitored? Can I get another activation email for my original account nickbrooker?



    PS nice browser. Seems faster than Chrome on Linux.


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