Weird scaling issue.

  • Browser UI scaled weirdly on second launch, since then can't manage do do anything, including reinstall over files and after removal (uninstall with appdata/low files removed). I'd mess in .css files, but these are 16000 symbols in one line which is not very convenient to read and analyse. I attatched screenshot of the problem. I use 2560x1080 resolution on GTX660 and AMD APU 6700K Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Attachments always seem to be so small in the forum … all I can really make out is that you seem to be using Windows 8.1 (or perhaps 10, haven't seen what logo they have there).

  • I suppose that he is pointing out (as someone else was) that inside the window (Vivald browser) is all small. See how huge is the window and how small are SD thumbnails or address bar… (I can't confirm or deny this issue since I'm using fullHD settings on a fullHD monitor)

  • That's issue. Everything in UI is impossibly scaled down. I can't even hit exit button properly. Websites (twitter, google, furaffinity at least, couldn't test more, because of navigation bar scale) load as they should. Even options window is downscaled, so I can't clear any data from browser.

  • And just for sake of detail, I'm "she" 🙂

  • sorry for that 🙂 it's not typical that some power user which even know CSS is a girl/lady/women.

    Anyway, what about try the same resolution on your graphic card as your monitor is? Does it change anything?

  • I DO use my native resolution (2560x1080) I may try using my second monitor (1080p) if I find it's power cord.

    Different resolution haven't changed everything. It's bug in the browser itself. Tested both with different monitor and switching resolution on wide one.

  • What a mess of resolutions… you have 2560x1080 another user has 2560x1440 (see at least this user has standard resolution 16:9, me 16:9 too: 1024x600 in 10 inch and 1600x900 in 20" . It is impossible to fix windows with a lot of resolutions spinning here.

  • @jazei:

    It is impossible to fix windows with a lot of resolutions spinning here.

    If it's impossible, please tell me how other managed to do that (other browsers, and billions of other programmes)? Me and my friend are game designers and it's matter of few code fixes to support every resolution. Also fact, that Vivaldi is browser and should work on every resolution as it's just a window.
    And if you think that just a few resolutions are mess, count OS, GPU and CPU, then you'll have a mess.


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