Unusually high CPU usage during browsing and video playback

  • Hi everyone,

    So the problem I am facing is, that Vivaldi consumes a lot of processor power during regular browsing.
    While scrolling even a google page - it bounces up to 30%, and in Task Manager (Vivaldi one) specifies this as a browser usage.
    During video playback CPU goes as high as 80%, youtube averages at 60% which I consider abnormal.

    So far I disabled software acceleration, did the trick with "Top Sites" files, and basically tried everything that was available on the web. Nothing works.

    I even did a full clean install of Windows 10 (which I intended to do for a long time) with no improvement whatsoever. I think I am stuck now.

    I also experienced occasional "glitch" which disappeared after turning of software acceleration, but with video played in the background or couple of pages loading the browser slows down significantly.

    I am using HP Envy 13, with latest i7, 8GB of RAM and Intel HD graphics. Windows 10 Pro.

    Any suggestions what to do? I really like Vivaldi and would love to stick to it, but CPU usage disqualifies it.

    Best regards,

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    Does your PC really use the Intel GPU?
    Have a look in section Graphics Feature Status of page vivaldi://gpu . Any red or orange parts?

    Perhaps you can override the block of GPU with Activation in page vivaldi://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist

  • Most of the things are orange in that section, with bugs showing on the seconf list too. (screenshots)



    (sorry for direct link, whileuploading with IMG code it does not show images.)

    Graphics drivers are installed, and so are other drivers too. What am I missing? I also noticed that behaviour in Chrome.

  • Hi, copy/paste vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#hardware
    in adressfield and check if hardware acceleration is activated.
    Check with GPU-Z what GPU is used.
    It is possible Windows "Intel" driver is crippled or even broken after some update.
    Install real Intel driver for your device from Intel webpage.

    Cheers, mib

  • Hi,

    So, I enabled software acceleration, reinstalled generic Intel HD Graphics Driver, and checked again.
    Video playback improved, but Vivaldi uses even more processing power now. 60% while scrolling, 3 processes consuming power:

    • browser - 7-30 %
    • GPU Process -up to 15%
    • opened tab - 3-14%

    Any ideas?

  • Hm, out of ideas.
    Checked Chrome and Firefox and Chrome use the same and Firefox even more CPU.
    I am on Linux so cant test Edge or so but to be honest I don´t really care about until read your post. Vivaldi don´t lag or freeze even on my old laptop, so who cares. If I do nothing in Vivaldi CPU usage is ~0%.

    Cheers, mib

  • This won't solve your overall problem but maybe decrease a bit of the cpu usage while playing videos. There have been a few reports that turning off "Animation" helps in with this issue.
    You can find this option in: Settings --> Appearance -->in the section window appearance

  • Hi,

    I tried disabling Animations. No luck.

    Task Manager shows nearly 60% CPU usage while playing videos on youtube. This is a nightmare.

  • @rafollos
    My bad - but it was worth a shot.

  • Hi, I don´t understand what happend here.
    I have < 20% CPU usage for the video tab and about 10% for browser with GPU acceleration "On".
    My laptop is a core2duo CPU Intel T4200, stoneage.
    On my i5 workstation it shows 30% for video tab but my sysguard show only 6% for the whole browser.
    I thing there is something wrong with the Vivaldi task manager. 😕

    Cheers, mib

  • About Task Manager - i use both Vivaldi's and Windows' one. Browsing became quite ok, with CPU dropping, but when scrolling and playing videos it goes up to 80%! (I am monitoring it a whole day)

  • Tried some of the things that were discussed in that topic. No change. Video playback on fullscreen hogs processor to a whopping 80%.

  • Also, I updated all the drivers that my computer has. No changes so far.

  • No more ideas? I think I tried everything..

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    @rafollos Some work is being done backstage right now concerning Intel graphics. I have no idea how things will turn out, but if it works for the testcases being looked at, it might help your situation. Don't know. I must say, I use old Intel graphics on a couple of my machines, and there are no problems. But the dev in charge of this is gathering data and feedback from more than one generation of Intel.

  • Your findings about the high processor usage doesn't seem to be as abnormal as you might think. I suppose "odd" is anecdotal and based on prior experience with other machines, but my CPU spikes with streaming video as well (around the 35-55% mark) and that's regardless of browser.

    My machine is a dinosaur (Dell Latitude E6400: Intel Core 2 Duo T9600, 4GB RAM, NVidia Quadro NVS 160M, and 250GB HDD), so I expect things to spike with anything intensive, and... watching videos online is an intensive task. Esp. if you want anything better than 240p (shudders). You're engaging the majority of your hardware to deliver the video - network, audio, graphics (presumably built into the chipset), ram... of course things will temporarily spike. The only way to not have high CPU usage when watching a video is to download and consume it through a video player.

    That said, I don't find that these spikes negatively impact the overall performance of my machine - it won't freeze and become inoperable while doing other tasks while the video is playing. Are you finding your machine to be unusable while videos play @rafollos ?

  • Hi again.

    So - Vivaldi was updated, which I thought might help with the problem. Nothing changed.

    As for you @sayuriloid, thanks for asking - the computer, while on fullscreen video play is unusable - the videos glitch, it's impossible to watch anything. ...

  • If you still have all "software only" in vivaldi://gpu there is nothing you can do, disable intel gfx, buy a Nvidia (GT710, less than $50, will do) and you'll see that almost everything gets Hardware accelerated (apart VPx decoding, I don't have Win10 so it's not suppported)

  • Hi, as I sad in this thread already, I have a GM 965 Intel iGPU wich is ultra low end and I have 20-30 % full screen video tab.
    The driver for Intel and all other vendors from Microsoft are often crippled or even broken.
    Make sure you use original driver for your GPU and disable Microsoft update for GPU drivers.

    Cheers, mib


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