Yahoo Mail does not let me login in

  • My main e-mail is at
    As of yesterday, Yahoo will not let me on using Vivaldi. I can not get past this screen. Is there something I am not doing right? I only see support for 3 browsers. I have been getting on Yahoo using the classic mail option, but obviously they have stopped that option. Please Help!!!

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    Yahoo is browser-sniffing and sending broken code to Vivaldi. If you spoof your user agent as Chrome or Firefox, it will let you in.

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    i have a rocketmail account (which is part of and strangely enough i can correctly access my account...

  • Hi, I can login to mail with user agent default setup and Vivaldi snapshot 1.11.917.22.
    Switch back and forth from basic to new mail and so on.

    Cheers, mib

  • To change your user agent the easiest way is to use a user agent extension, you can get them in the chrome web store: agent switcher?hl=en-US

    Install extension (which one is more or less irrelevant as they do all the same) --> go to --> switch the user agent via extension from default to firefox/windows or chrome/windows --> reload the site --> be happy

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