Vivaldi kept crashing after latest update, now it's completely unusable.

  • I'm running Vivaldi on Manjaro Linux, and while I know it isn't in the official repositories Vivaldi always ran well and it was my default browser. After the last update it kept crashing, usually when I searched something from the address bar or while loading a web site. It was very annoying as everytime I wanted to check something i had to wait for it to freeze, close itself and then try again.
    I decided to reinstall it completely and since then it has become unusable, 1 minute in and it has already froze and closed itself. I don't know if there's a fix because I don't see other people with the same problem. What should I do?

  • Hi, may your profile is corrupted.
    Do you remove your profile in ~/.config ?
    Uninstall remove only files in /opt
    Move or rename .config/vivaldi/default and restart Vivaldi, a new clean "default" directory is created.
    May you can copy files back like bookmarks, notes and so forth.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin Thanks. It seems that fixed it. I'll check which files are corrupted, I don't want to copy my bookmarks or something and face the same problems again.

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    @Crimsonkoba It's extremely rare that ordinary user data files such as bookmarks, notes, favicons, passwords (login data) will be at fault. Much more commonly it will be more obscure settings and config files, extensions - or even a bad tab in a session file that Vivaldi keeps trying to open and then crashing.

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