Stacked tabs ordering problems

  • I'm having a lot of trouble ordering tabs within stacks. If I add a tab to an existing stack, it takes the first position, and I don't see how to rearrange the stack's internal order.

    Also, in making the attempt, somehow I brought other unwanted tabs into the stack. I have no idea how that happened, but using a dark theme, I find it hard to see the stack's color confirmation of a tab being added.

    I hope the stacking function gets polished a bit in the near future. Thanks.

    I'm in the latest stable release on Linux.

  • You could change the color of the tab stack indicator, would need a custom modification though.

  • Thanks, but I'll pass on that.

  • This workaround is effective, but pretty clumsy, & certainly inelegant. I look forward to the day that i can cease this, but until then...

    1. Install the Tabs Pane extension.
    2. Open Tabs Pane in a new tab, then pin it.
    3. Reduce its page zoom small enough to fit all your open tabs without needing to scroll [i keep mine at 40%, given i always have dozens of tabs open].
    4. Whenever you need to manually reorder tabs in a stack, go to this tab, identify the target tab, & drag it to the desired position.

    I began using this extension years prior to Vivaldi, & in all other chromium-based browsers it works as intended, ie, gives the actual tab thumbnails. I began using V in Feb 2015, although it was some time later before extensions could be reliably installed. This was one of the first extensions i installed in V, & have retained it ever since... despite the disappointment that it does not [usually] display the actual thumbnails [every now & then, but rarely, it sometimes shows some of them... mostly not however], specifically for the reason you've posted about. Once V finally supports effective & efficient tab rearrangement in stacks, i'll remove this extension.

  • Thanks for confirming the problem and for the possible workaround, @Steffie. I'll keep that in mind. At present I'm going to live with the problem.

    Did you mean Tabs Panel?

  • Moderator

    A method to stack tabs reliably is by selecting them first with Ctrl+Click or Ctrl+Shift+Click, then use the right-click menu, New tab-stack from selection.

  • @Steffie Thanks again. Odd that didn't come up with my initial search.


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