Vivaldi window captures Print Screen key

  • Hi! Today I located bug, that drove me crazy for a while now.
    When Vivaldi window is focused I can't use Print Screen key, it seems like browser captures keystrokes.
    What I done to fix it:

    • checked that in hotkeys PrintScreen is not mapped to any action
    • then disabled hotkeys altogether
    • then checked that there is no additional options for "Vivaldi Capture"

    What else can I do to make Print Screen work again in Vivaldi? As for now to take a screnshot using GreenShot, I need to change window focus and then capture part of browser window that I need.

  • I suspect something else is capturing PrtScreen in your system, for me it copies whole screen to clipboard normally when Vivaldi is focused.

  • Yes, it's actually even more strange.

    • I have GreenShot installed, it intercepts PrnScreen and Alt+PrnScreen
    • It works in avery app on my PC besides Vivaldi
    • in Vivaldi PrnScreen just copies whole screen to clipboard, but Alt+PrnScreen launches GreenShot as it should
    • just remembered one more important thing - on Win7 before migrating to Win10 all worked perfectly fine 😥

  • I'm not sure if it is related, but the add-on Screengrab! does not work with Vivaldi. If I do a Preview-Complete Page, or even Visible Portion, it acts like it is doing the capture, then it opens a new tab as expected, but then there is nothing in that page. It is blank. In other screen capture add-ons, I can sometimes get the page to display, but when I do a copy and try to paste in OneNote, I get nothing. I suspect these are bugs in Vivaldi since all these add-ons seem to fail in one way or another. BTW, Screengrab! for Firefox works great. Also while the Vivaldi screen capture menu item seems to work, I would like an add-on since I want a 1-button capture rather than force me to navigate menus like the Vivaldi screen capture.

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    I can't see that Vivaldi grabs Print and Alt+Print keystrokes.
    I tested it on Windows 10.

  • @TonyK132 said in Vivaldi window captures Print Screen key:

    I would like an add-on since I want a 1-button capture rather than force me to navigate menus like the Vivaldi screen capture.

    Well, there are 4 assignable keyboard shortcuts for that in keyboard settings, "Capture page to file", "Capture page to Clipboard", "Capture Area to File" and "Capture Area to Clipboard". Isn't enough?

  • @Gwen-Dragon Tested IE11, FireFox, Chrome and they are all work fine, but sadly not Vivaldy.

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    Print Screen works on WIn 10x64 and i tested Greenshot 1.2.9 (without Greenshot extensions) on 1.11.917.22 Snapshot and 1.10.867.48 Stable (64-Bit) .
    Print and Alt+Print works!

    The problem is your installation.

  • If in GreenShot I remap the same action from PrnScreen to for example Ctrl+PrnScreen, then it starts to work in Vivaldi, but that's not convenient.

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    Why do you need remapping? Greenshot works out of the box after installing it on Windows 7.

    Do you have special Vivaldi or Windows shortcut settings?

  • @Gwen-Dragon Well, it seems it's time to reinstall my windows.
    For me Greenshot+Vivaldi didn't work right after clean installation of win10 x64.
    Thanks for all the responses!


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